Friday, October 28, 2011

Birthday Pix

Emy's daughter, Cameer, celebrating her 1st birthday (the 24th)
and Cotton's daughter, Coco, whose 1st birthday was the 27th.

The other Emy pups
I got a few pix of some of the Emy/Boon babies who are 9 weeks today. And then the rains came. And stayed! Let me tell you, as difficult as it is getting decent pictures (in focus, pup looking in the general direction of the camera, etc) INSIDE, doing it OUTSIDE was even worse! First off, I had to take them out in groups, rather than all at once, so I would know who was who during the editing process. Since there are 3 blacks, that meant 3 groups. Second, it was the first time the pups have been outside the house which meant they weren't the most active items on the lawn. And whether the group was two or three, they stuck together like glue. In fact, the last group (of two) stayed where I put them WITHOUT MOVING for 10 minutes... while I walked all over the yard to relieve my PAD.

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