Saturday, January 29, 2011


So much for feeling better. Ended up right back in bed, exhausted, a few hours after my last post. And today, feeling human again, I'm trying to catch up as much as possible... most of it physical work like mopping, laundry, going after dogfood, etc. Taking time to answer a few emails... mainly to say I'll answer next week!... and to post a couple new photos. Before I collapse again tonight!

Tim and Kate in NJ
sent these two of Di and Brogue's black and tan son, Duncan, in the snow

back indoors, warm and dry.

Have to say I am SOOO jealous of people who know something about photography!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Been feeling poorly since Monday afternoon and still not 100 percent, but figured I'd better get on the computer and answer emails. Most of the pups are doing quite well in their new homes... actually, I'm amazed at how easily they are settling in. Maybe having so many at one time was a blessing... they're absolutely GRATEFUL to have people all to themselves! A couple have been put back on Albon... and a few more will probably be soon... but all in all, everything is going great.

New Winter Storm
Of course. I have a few other pups to get out and it looks like we're going to be snowed in again. We're expecting 2-4 inches of heavy WET snow this afternoon and evening (although it is still just rain.) Emergency power help has already been brought into the area from places with a better weather pattern in the hopes of getting everyone back on line rapidly. (Here in the South, that means before Spring.)

New Picture
This is Cotton's little girl, Phoebe

who moved to Virginia to live with Keedo, the Shiloh Shepherd, and his people. She's obviously not upset about it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pups in Their New Homes

The Brown boys in SC

Cotton and Brogue's Samson
Lord love a duck!

Cotton and Brogue's little girl, Coco, loves her NC duck.

The newest member of the Brady bunch

Di and Brogue's Maggie taking it easy in the Big Easy.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Light Day

How smoothly can one day go... without messing up the rest of the weekend?

Got 3 puppies shipped today... normally just do 1, 2 in a pinch. But couldn't get to the airport yesterday, so that little girl had to go today. New person on the check in, so even though I had all the paperwork (and I mean ALL... Delta's as well as mine) it still took about a half hour a pup. But I went in early since all of them were fairly short flight times and grabbed a wheelchair to sit on while the lady figured out the computer. The pups were all good as gold.

Told the TSA agent I was going to post on the blog that she pats down all my pups. So I'm posting it! She loves the babies!

Got home and had time to email everyone that the pups had made it through check in before I had to load up the 3 that are leaving tomorrow and Monday and ferry them to the groomer.

And had time while they were gone to get some photos for people who have been waiting for info on the available puppies.

Think I might give my son a call and see if he wants to go out for dinner. No sense in wasting the good karma!

Speaking of the groomer
Some pups like it more than others. April took this photo of one of the girls who was a little suspicious of the water coming out of that hose thingy...

But the effort is SO worth it! Too bad the pups don't look like this the next day!

"Special needs" puppy

There is a little red boy in Emy and Shadow's litter that has a problem... rather, everyone has a problem with him. No matter who he is with, and I've tried all kinds of combinations, he is attacked by the other pups. Not just one or two of them. ALL the other pups have something against this guy. And it's not HIM antagonizing THEM. I've watched very closely and he'll get jumped out of the blue for no apparent reason. Poor guy, he doesn't fight back, just screams his head off. It's gotten so bad that he is now rooming with his mom and other relatives and not around the pups at all. The vet couldn't find anything wrong with him and he certainly looks as healthy as everybody else. He is going in on Tuesday to have blood drawn and for a urinalysis, but most likely nothing is going to show up. It is entirely possible that this is going to be a lifelong problem for this fellow. He needs a home with a family who has NO OTHER DOGS and no desire to visit dog parks or take part in doggy activities. He is as sweet as pie with me and always has been... maybe his "mama's boy attitude" is the source of his troubles!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Busy Little Beaver

I feel like I'm caught in a whirlwind... go to the airport, go to the groomer, go home get other pups and go to the vet, take those pups home, go to the groomer to pick up pups there. Go home. Take care of big dogs who are starting to feel neglected. Neglect the big dogs who aren't. Intersperse between each set of chores cleaning up puppy pens. (Forget about the rest of the house... laundry? Next week is looking like a possibility.) Hit the sack as soon as pups are back in their pens, AFTER they get their Albon. Sleep like there's no tomorrow. Tomorrow go to the airport, go to the groomer, well, you know the rest of the story.

Had some snow overnight, not enough to keep me on the hill... especially as I was supposed to ship a puppy... BUT there's a vehicle across the bottom of my drive... stopped just before the ditch... so the airport is out. Lucky for me and the new family, I heard the weather report yesterday and anticipated a problem so I double booked the pup and she's going tomorrow, along with two other pups. Which scared the poop out of the counter girl when I called Delta to tell them I wasn't bringing the donuts this morning. "THREE? AT THE SAME TIME?" As if SHE was going to be the one checking them in. The car's gone now, so I can make it out for the vet appointment.

And the sun is out! It may be only 24, but it LOOKS warmer.

I'm receiving lots of email about the pups that are still available (thank goodness!) but don't have the time to respond in any kind of meaningful way. Things will settle down in a few days, once the first batch are in their new homes and settling in. Right now, THEY are my first priority.
So if you've written and not received an answer, I apologise and promise I'll get to you as soon as I catch my breath.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Moving Right Along

Two more guys left today. One girl tomorrow, one girl Friday, a boy and girl on Saturday and again on Sunday (different pups, I hope!) a girl on Monday... and the beat goes on. I think I'll be able to come up for air by the end of next week!

The three pups who went to the vet today weighed in at 10.1 pounds (Di female,) and 12.15 and 12.7 (Cotton pups... and the MALE was the smaller of the two.) Two of the fecals had a spotting of coccidia, which is okay. My vet always figures she has to reassure me that they are healthy and there isn't anything to worry about. She gives me her comforting look and says "Now, you know, Sherry...." Since they are all eating, yelling, playing and have nice stools (!) I'm not worried... a little perplexed, actually.

My biggest problem has been finding crates. I didn't order them on line as I usually do because the weather was playing such havoc with delivery services. My mistake! I've been all over 3 TN counties and 1 VA county and have managed to come up with enough crates to ship the pups that are flying out this and next week... by buying every one even close to the size I want and a number that are way too big but I'll use. Every store has the same excuse... the weather messed up their deliveries. Duh!

Pix of new homes
This is Cotton's baby who flew to California. The first is him unwilling to come out of his crate and the second, him a short time later.

Interestingly, the reports on the first two pups are just about the same... a little shy, very quiet, but responding well to all the attention from their families. One flew, the other was picked up and went for an 8 hour car ride.

Monday, January 17, 2011

You Can't Get There from Here

Apparently, you can't get a dog into Toronto from anywhere in the south east USA. Kamika from Delta's Minneapolis center worked herself to death calling supervisors in various Delta hubs and checking with my local Delta station, trying to work details out but, in the end, the pup going to Canada is flying to Buffalo and being met there by her new family. Shipping to people in WESTERN Canada has not been a problem because I've just sent the pups to SEATAC in Seattle and they've picked them up there, but with all the flights into Toronta and good connections, it seemed it was going to be an easy job. HA! Live and learn.

Coccidia update
The pups who went to the vet today, after 3 doses of Albon, were clear of it. They'll stay on Albon for at least a week, just to be sure.

Puppy weights
The two pups from Di's litter weighed in today at 8.04 (male) and 9.06 (female.) Emy's boy was 11 pounds.

Pix of first pup to leave
This is Aubie, who moved to AL yesterday, with his new kids and Grandma's Havanese. Looks like everyone is happy!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Don't Panic

Since I haven't been able to get off my hill since a week ago Thursday... haven't even tried... and because today I started the rounds of vet and grooming appointments (plus I'm out of everything except dog food,) I left to do some running around... post office, grocery store, etc... a couple hours before I would have to leave with the first two pups going to the vet.

And could NOT get back up the hill. Well, I got as far as my driveway and maybe 10 feet up it before I came to a halt and started sliding backwards. It was NOT a pleasant sensation! I'm really bad at backing up, especially when I'm still in "drive" and didn't want to put the car in a ditch. I stopped before THAT happened, finagled around a little and SLOWLY backed down to an area that was not snow (ice) covered. Two tries later, I knew I was done.

I pulled into a neighbor's drive, asked permission to leave the car there (although no one ever asks ME if they can leave a car at the bottom of MY drive!) and called my son for help. He came over, made it up my drive on the second try, we put the two pups in his car and went to the vet. (It is cold enough I wasn't worried about meat and milk staying in the trunk for several hours!)

Pups did fine at the vet, even though they both got carsick (and one threw up IN my purse... I've been thinking about a new one anyway.) Di's puppy weighed in at 11.14 pounds (the largest in his litter) and Cotton's at 12.8 pounds (middle of the road guy, but they're all really close in size.)

No salt is available in this area, but my son managed to get my car to the top of my drive once we got back home. Tomorrow, I'll put the pups in the car, take them to the groomer, do all my running around (several hours worth, including a trip back to the vet with a couple of my dogs) and hope the temp is warm enough to melt much of the ice so I can get back up. And if it isn't, I have my kid on speed dial!

Alright, I just sent out the "general health issues" email which I hope everyone will read.

The pups tested positive for coccidia. It is a natural part of the digestive system which is shed during times of stress... rehoming, post surgery, during boarding... and often causes loose, sometimes bloody stool. It is EASILY and CHEAPLY treated with Albon, a thick, sweet tasting sulfa suspension which pups (and dogs) LOVE the taste of. None of these guys has loose stool but they ARE transitioning to adult dog food... and living within such a large group has to be stressful. So we're starting with the Albon tonight. It's a once a day treatment, for a week to 10 days. Usually, after a couple days, you no longer see the coccidia on the fecal exam... so we'll see how it looks with Monday's puppies!

One thing, I can't send Albon home with the pups that are flying... the airline really doesn't like meds taped to the top of the crate. However, you should mention it to your vet when you take your puppy in for his initial exam and possibly put it on another week of treatment. Feel free to have YOUR vet call MY vet, if you like.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shipping Info

It looks like everything is going to be back to normal this weekend, so shipping is being scheduled as planned... for NEXT week. (It's too early to tell about weather and temps for the following week.) Don't forget: it all still depends on what happens leading up to each departure... weather, equipment, dumb people at the airport, etc... so be prepared to be disappointed even while your fingers, toes and eyes are crossed.

PLEASE read the article on shipping on the website
There is a LOT of stuff in that article... like shot records, food, etc.

And the emails I am sending out... yesterday and over the next few days... also have a great deal of information which you may find yourself needing in the next couple weeks. Things like adjustment (the pup's, not yours,) handling, feeding, diseases to watch for and so forth. You may want to print them off and put them somewhere easy to get to for when you need them.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cotton and Pups

Every day, when Cotton's pups are out of their pen, she sits crowded up against the front of hers. When they get tired, they all lie down right there, on the other side of the wire and go to sleep. Di and Emy both stay in the very back of the pen when their pups are out. And Cotton will sit back there with them and plea with me to let HERS out. So tonight, I put Di's and Em's pups up and let Cotton's out and then let COTTON out. Here we are, 3 hours later, and she is still playing with them. Four of the nine are worn out and are sleeping next to my chair. Two others are in the room, sitting up, watching their mom and the other three. The tired ones take a break and a brief nap and then go back to playing. Cotton has not stopped. The pups are 11 weeks old today.

I wish the weather was better... ALL the pups and moms would have SUCH a good time outside!

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Days

I wrote the following in response to a question about a puppy's weight. Several of you have asked, so now you know!

I haven't had time to weigh the pups. I know everyone thinks I'm just
sitting here playing with 2 dozen babies... were that was true! Today I
did everyone's ears and flea topical (as well as photos.) Tomorrow I'm
starting everyone's nails... again. Then there is hair clipping around
eyes, butt and bottoms of feet, not necessarily in that order! Worming
(5 days in a row) coming up and let's not forget shots. Plus, you have
NO idea how much newspaper I go through a DAY, especially as the pups
have not been able to go outside at all. I used to make one trip to the
dump a week with dog and household "trash." Now it's at least two and
one of those is JUST dog stuff! And don't forget I have to pick up tons
of newspaper in the first place so the pups can use it so I can make the
landfill people rich!

I'm not complaining... well, yeah, I am! Or maybe I'm just making an observation. Having multiple litters for the first time in years has been an opportunity to watch puppy development with a new intensity. And the fact that Di's and Emy's pups are 3 days older than Cotton's has been like previews of coming attractions. It is amazing how the whole litter changes one day at a time, all 3 litters on the same schedule. Nature is a wondrous thing!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


The snow is coming down continually, at various rates. Today's high was 25, but tomorrow is supposed to be warmer... 27. Very windy overnight; thankfully, it is calm now. I should have taken these shots early this morning because the trees were covered with snow and quite beautiful, however I didn't!
By the way, these are COLOR pictures.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Few Things

Several of you have emailed questions about the shipping process. There is an article on the website about shipping which covers just about everything I could think of when I was writing it. Please read it and then ask any questions that aren't answered there... you won't be the only one who wants to know!

I'm snowed/frozen in until mid week... Wednesday or Thursday... which is fine, sort of. I do wish the weather had been more co-operative the last few weeks. The pups would REALLY love being able to go outside and tear around. BUT here's hoping all the bad stuff for the month will happen in the next 5-6 days so everything will be okay for all the running around to vet and groomer and delivery of pups. If any of you have an in with the weatherman, PLEASE! put in a good word for us.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Live and Learn

Sooo, the weather cleared up from all the rain and the temp was in the high 40s. Being the experienced dog person that I am, I thought "Hey, great day to open the door and let these pups go out on the deck for the first time." So I did it. They cautiously made their way through the portal and slunk around the great outdoors. After just a minute or two, they were fairly comfortable and took to real exploration, even sticking their heads between the railing slats to take a gander at what was beyond.
I left them and went back inside to clean up dirty, wet newspapers (which seems to be my main function these days.) One of my older small breed dogs was supervising the pups... she likes them when they're involved with things that keep them from jumping on her. I stuck my head out every couple minutes, just to make sure the sun was still shining and no one seemed distressed.
When it was time to put the first gang up and let out the next, I realised my mistake. I hadn't been counting how many pups were on the deck... and a good many of them weren't. Some... a lot... had followed Smokey down the steps. Which would be a good thing. Except. It had rained for days. Read that "Water, water everywhere... turning everything into mud." Calling myself a few names that could probably get me kicked off the internet, I locked up the CLEAN pups I could get my hands on quickly and then rounded up the... not so clean ones. Of course, they all decided going DOWN the stairs was doable but going UP was beyond them.
I'm still clipping mudballs from between the pads of their feet. And when they're spic and span again, I'll clean up myself. I hope to get to it before I have to meet any of you.

Beckett and Bella

Tony sent this shot of Emy and Sparky's guy, Beckett, and his roomie, Bella, the Portie.
Nice to see some clean puppies.