Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shipping Info

It looks like everything is going to be back to normal this weekend, so shipping is being scheduled as planned... for NEXT week. (It's too early to tell about weather and temps for the following week.) Don't forget: it all still depends on what happens leading up to each departure... weather, equipment, dumb people at the airport, etc... so be prepared to be disappointed even while your fingers, toes and eyes are crossed.

PLEASE read the article on shipping on the website
There is a LOT of stuff in that article... like shot records, food, etc.

And the emails I am sending out... yesterday and over the next few days... also have a great deal of information which you may find yourself needing in the next couple weeks. Things like adjustment (the pup's, not yours,) handling, feeding, diseases to watch for and so forth. You may want to print them off and put them somewhere easy to get to for when you need them.

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