Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cotton and Pups

Every day, when Cotton's pups are out of their pen, she sits crowded up against the front of hers. When they get tired, they all lie down right there, on the other side of the wire and go to sleep. Di and Emy both stay in the very back of the pen when their pups are out. And Cotton will sit back there with them and plea with me to let HERS out. So tonight, I put Di's and Em's pups up and let Cotton's out and then let COTTON out. Here we are, 3 hours later, and she is still playing with them. Four of the nine are worn out and are sleeping next to my chair. Two others are in the room, sitting up, watching their mom and the other three. The tired ones take a break and a brief nap and then go back to playing. Cotton has not stopped. The pups are 11 weeks old today.

I wish the weather was better... ALL the pups and moms would have SUCH a good time outside!

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