Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Light Day

How smoothly can one day go... without messing up the rest of the weekend?

Got 3 puppies shipped today... normally just do 1, 2 in a pinch. But couldn't get to the airport yesterday, so that little girl had to go today. New person on the check in, so even though I had all the paperwork (and I mean ALL... Delta's as well as mine) it still took about a half hour a pup. But I went in early since all of them were fairly short flight times and grabbed a wheelchair to sit on while the lady figured out the computer. The pups were all good as gold.

Told the TSA agent I was going to post on the blog that she pats down all my pups. So I'm posting it! She loves the babies!

Got home and had time to email everyone that the pups had made it through check in before I had to load up the 3 that are leaving tomorrow and Monday and ferry them to the groomer.

And had time while they were gone to get some photos for people who have been waiting for info on the available puppies.

Think I might give my son a call and see if he wants to go out for dinner. No sense in wasting the good karma!

Speaking of the groomer
Some pups like it more than others. April took this photo of one of the girls who was a little suspicious of the water coming out of that hose thingy...

But the effort is SO worth it! Too bad the pups don't look like this the next day!

"Special needs" puppy

There is a little red boy in Emy and Shadow's litter that has a problem... rather, everyone has a problem with him. No matter who he is with, and I've tried all kinds of combinations, he is attacked by the other pups. Not just one or two of them. ALL the other pups have something against this guy. And it's not HIM antagonizing THEM. I've watched very closely and he'll get jumped out of the blue for no apparent reason. Poor guy, he doesn't fight back, just screams his head off. It's gotten so bad that he is now rooming with his mom and other relatives and not around the pups at all. The vet couldn't find anything wrong with him and he certainly looks as healthy as everybody else. He is going in on Tuesday to have blood drawn and for a urinalysis, but most likely nothing is going to show up. It is entirely possible that this is going to be a lifelong problem for this fellow. He needs a home with a family who has NO OTHER DOGS and no desire to visit dog parks or take part in doggy activities. He is as sweet as pie with me and always has been... maybe his "mama's boy attitude" is the source of his troubles!

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