Friday, January 7, 2011

A Few Things

Several of you have emailed questions about the shipping process. There is an article on the website about shipping which covers just about everything I could think of when I was writing it. Please read it and then ask any questions that aren't answered there... you won't be the only one who wants to know!

I'm snowed/frozen in until mid week... Wednesday or Thursday... which is fine, sort of. I do wish the weather had been more co-operative the last few weeks. The pups would REALLY love being able to go outside and tear around. BUT here's hoping all the bad stuff for the month will happen in the next 5-6 days so everything will be okay for all the running around to vet and groomer and delivery of pups. If any of you have an in with the weatherman, PLEASE! put in a good word for us.

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