Monday, August 29, 2011

3 Days Old - More Pix

A shot of the whole litter and I think it shows the red highlights on the two blacks with white.

The two blond (wheaten pups,) the female on the left. I was hoping this would show the slight difference in their shades... he's a little darker than she is.

Two pups unspoken for
and 5-6 inquiries every day. The first question, just about every time: WHICH pups are available? (Ok, that's the second question; the first is "how much?") I really don't want to push anyone into picking too early, but since the blonds are sort of the odd men out (odd man and woman out,) if you'll just let me know whether you're more interested in them than in the others of the same sex, it will help me out.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lots of Pix

Emy feeding the brood

The 3 girls

The 4 boys
(viewers with sharp eyes will see the pup on the left is the black and tan and the other two blacks have some red showing in their coats... )

All they do is eat and sleep and I'm stuck here all day

Yes, there are only 3 girls... the smallest one had some serious problems and didn't survive. (No, her mom is not looking for her... she knew before I did that she wasn't going to make it.)
And, despite my best efforts, the pups ARE on the plastic of the pool. Emy refuses to have them on the blanket or even newspaper.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Soup's On!

Lots of soup!

Emy had EIGHT pups during the night. And just to make sure I understand that I am not the one who decides these things, there are four males and four females (not the usual make up of 2-3 males for every female.) And, just to let me know that I AM learning something about the predictability of genetics there are only two blonds in the litter (one of each sex.) The other males are all black and the other females are all parti!

Pix later today. Maybe. I'm going to take a nap!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Quick Update

Emy only nibbled at her food yesterday and this morning she rearranged her newspapers... only once, but that is a step in the right direction.

Photo of earthquake damage

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No pups yet. Emy is resting much better than I am. But her day is coming!
By the way, she had her last litter 10 months ago today.

"Old" Cotton puppy

This is Coco Kennedy after her first haircut. She lives in NC and really appreciated losing her heavy coat! She'll be 10 months on Saturday. Her parents are Cotton and Brogue.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No, Not Yet

She ate some breakfast this morning and has been going outside often.
Hang in there! She can't keep them inside forever.

Hope everyone is safe and secure!
Didn't feel a thing here (which is fine by me!)

Monday, August 22, 2011

No, We're Not There Yet

Emy has apparently decided she prefers her pups well done at birth. She still has them corralled inside. Yesterday and last night, she was paying attention... last night, a LOT of attention... to her bottom and I tried to stay up late so I was in on everything from the start. But I fell asleep some time after midnight. And she did too. She is (and HAS BEEN) what I call "pointed." She looks like she swallowed a football sideways so there is a definite "point" sticking out just behind her ribs on each side. That usually means the pups are rearranging themselves the better to be born. I don't take temperatures... it never works for me although I have a number of breeder friends who swear by it. I don't need a drop in temperature to tell me the dog is going to have pups in the next 48 hours or so. Other signs, like not eating, are a better indication. And she's still eating. She'll have them when SHE is ready. But, just to be on the safe side, I have nothing... absolutely NOTHING... scheduled this week that will take me away from home for more than an hour. Besides, it's race week and traffic is terrible.

Another "rehome" has found a home
This guy is a purebred miniature Poodle that I bred. His dad is Sparky and his mom, Diamond. He is a parti from an entire litter of parti MALES. I even still had his original papers. A friend of mine who raises Bichon asked about him a couple weeks ago and I said "Come get him!" He'll be in the house, like here, AND will have a couple girl friends, NOT like here! I would have used him because he is both well bred AND gorgeous, but all the girls I have are either his maternal or paternal half sisters.

So... only about a dozen rescues to go...!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shipping Update

Delta has raised their fee for smaller dogs... under 15 pounds... by $50. This means those OVER 15 pounds are going to cost at least that much more to ship. I know this because this morning I shipped a puppy for a friend... pup AND crate weighed 28 pounds and the cost was $273 (with no declared value which is actually insurance.) Add in the cost of the crate, state health certificate, rabies shot and declared value and you're right around $400 for shipping.

Since Delta is my only option out of here, the rest of this post is specifically about them although it probably applies to ALL airlines.

There is some sort of disconnect between the official Delta rules, the animal reservation desk and the personnel at counters in the airports. Sometimes this works to the shipper's advantage but much more often, it results in frustration and hard feelings.

You can not make a reservation without sitting through a 2-3 minute recorded dissertation about the basic shipping requirements, with the new rules on acceptable/non acceptable crates taking up most of the time. When you finally get a person on the line, they go over all the rules... except the business on crates... unless you make sure to tell them "been there, done it more often than YOU." One of the rules I'm told about every time, and find amusing every time, is "You must be there AT LEAST 2 hours before the flight." Probably that is true at medium to large airports. Tri-Cities has one gate. Actually, we have two but the second one is used only when an aircraft is broken down in front of the first one... which happens not often, but not rarely either. If I showed up by 5:30 AM for the 7:30 flight, my counter people would NOT be happy as they are busy checking in the people for the 6:15 AM flight (who were most likely told to be there 2 hours before the flight) and don't want to deal with a dog. Technically... at least according to the reservation desk... I can ship on the 6:15. According to the counter people... forget about it.

So, shipping my friend's puppy...
she was supposed to go yesterday (Wednesday) and I got her Tuesday night. Wednesday morning, 6:10 AM, I pull up in front of our passenger terminal (we don't have a cargo facility) and reached in to get the crate which I had not inspected the night before. To my horror, it was the forbidden type... it had LATCHES holding the top and bottom together (instead of nuts and bolts.) Now, I had told my friend she was going to have to shop around for an acceptable crate as, for years, the latch kind has been what is available everywhere, especially at Walmart. No sense in going inside, so pup and I returned home and went back to bed (after I rescheduled her flight for today.) To be fair, for years I have disliked the latch crates as the latches tend to pop open... when using them, I usually put duct tape over the latches. However, they are still being marketed as "airline approved" so I'm sure my friend is not the only one who has bought one.

Luckily for me, since I could not find an acceptable crate, my groomer gave me an old one she had (refusing my offer of the new one in exchange since she is overrun with crates.) And this morning, 6 AM, pup and I were at the airport. Now here's where there is the disconnect... first the guy (who is new) says to me "Prepaid, right?" And since the choice is only collect or prepaid, I said "Yes." Remember this exchange as it comes up later. He starts checking in the pup and mentions the flight will be leaving on time... at least that is the way it looks right then (before the flight crew arrives.) I asked if the same flight the previous morning had been cancelled (which is what pup's new momma told me when I called to tell her of the change in plans.) Counter guy says "No, it was delayed because of maintenence issues... well, um, yeah, I guess you could say it WAS cancelled." Like I said, he's new and the correct airline-speak doesn't come naturally as yet. Just in passing, I said "Glad I didn't try shipping her yesterday, then, since I had the wrong kind of crate." He asked what was wrong with it and I told him it had latches holding the top and bottom together. And he says "What's wrong with that? Isn't that the way they come?" So much for everyone at Delta being on the same page. But it gets better. Some 15 minutes later, he's handing me my copy of the airbill... and he hasn't collected my check for the shipping. I pass that over to him and he says "YOU said it was PREPAID." Now, my checkbook has been out the whole time, sitting on the counter in front of me, in plain sight, check all made out to Delta except for the exact amount... since, according to the reservation folks they can only give me an estimate and the exact amount will be determined at the counter.... Which is what I tell him. And he snarls "No, prepaid means it's prepaid before you get here." When I ask how that could be, he tells me people use credit cards. And he doesn't know how to take a check. Which means he has to call in the shipping expert who happens to be working the gate, alone, and can't just walk away to come handle HIS problem. Another 15 minutes later, the lady with the experience has straighten things out and has told him more than once "We'll discuss this later...." and I left.

Here's the thing, a few years back, Delta and NW merged and at my small airport, most of the Delta people (who were actually ASA or America Southeast Airlines... personel...) left because they didn't want to take the substantial paycuts so the NW people... who had little to no cargo experience (because NW is too expensive AND has terrible scheduling) started working the Delta counter. This caused A LOT of problems for many months and I was having to book flights around the local counter's work schedules to be sure someone was there who actually knew how to use the computer. Thankfully, that has been resolved... at least to the point that new people who are just learning the system USUALLY have someone who knows what they are doing around somewhere in the airport.

Another thing, the last few times I've called the reservation desk, I've spoken with people who speak English like they are not doing in phonically. THAT is a big plus. I'm not sure it is worth and additional $50 per shipment.

Emy's still packing around her brood internally.
And Cotton is done breeding after being covered a couple times... let's all cross our fingers. And toes. And eyes!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Different Two-fer

How about two litters?

Emy and Boon took it upon themselves to canoodle. I knew nothing about it. In fact, for the last week or so I've been looking at a very plump Emy, wondering if she had a tumor! My vet is probably still chuckling about the dogs putting one over on me. As I explained to her, all 3 girls were in season at the end of February to mid March. They all cycle within 3 weeks of each other. No one has been back in season... the girls are ALWAYS separated from the boys (I don't like surprises!) and the guys are very quick to tell me when someone is about to come in heat. Now I admit I was under the weather for most of May and June but the way the boys act, I would not have missed a heat cycle... but there is no other explanation. There were a few times I let Boon out with the girls. After all, Peri (my Di/Brogue puppy) lives with them and she and Boon are pals and it is nice for them to get together and play like puppies. Obviously, Boon was playing... with someone else... like an adult dog. Emy is now safely settled in in the whelping pen in my bedroom where she has spent the last couple days sleeping.

And Cotton is this close to being in season. She's 2-3 weeks early, but that's fine. Boon, to his great delight, gets to be daddy again. These pups will arrive mid to late October. The reservation list is open for this litter.

I'll let everyone know what I know when I know it.

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Two-fer

Speaking of Jennifer's pups...
remember I placed the blond one with a super lady and her older Golden Retriever in Virginia and the puppy... Jackson... absolutely REFUSED to settle in. He was there for over 3 months and was skulking around the house on the last day the exact same way he did the first. He wanted nothing to do with the lady and completely ignored the Golden. For THREE MONTHS! Well, he wasn't back here 3 MINUTES before he was his normal bouncy, happy self! When he came in the house, he ran from room to room greating each and every dog like he had just gone for a day at the groomer. Within an hour he was outside playing chase with his brother and Boon, the pups he grew up with. (I had intended to reintroduce them to each other gradually over a couple days... they ARE over 9 months and intact males just coming to breeding... and fighting... age. But there hasn't been even a raised eyebrow by any one of them.) As far as how Jackson reacts to me, he wags his tail at me and even comes, on his own, close enough for me to touch. So far, he's not enamored enough to jump up on the couch next to me to watch tv!

Then there is Lucky, the brother. He is several inches taller and about 10 pounds heavier and a gorgeous black/tan/silver. He, like all of those pups, is on the shy side, but very sweet natured and really interested in people. Given the opportunity to ASK for attention himself (rather than having someone chase him around,) he LOVES being petted.

Both these boys are real "easy keepers." That is, they are healthy, NOT picky eaters or excessive barkers, they don't dig (so far) or climb and are pretty good in the house. Obviously, with their "look and don't touch... unless I say so" attitude, they don't require an over abundance of attention from a human.

Here's the deal...
for Jackson's sake, they need a home together. Jack is REALLY bonded to and reliant on Lucky. I do not have room to keep these guys permanently and am hoping I can find them a place where they will both be welcome and cared for. Even together, it will take them more than a little while to settle in... probably several months before they are totally comfortable. Someone with lots of REAL dog experience (and more than the usual amount of patience) is required. A securely fenced yard is a MUST. No children in the home (or visiting regularly) is another requirement. (The fewer people they have to adjust to, the better.) Other animals, ie: dogs, is neither a plus nor a minus. And finally, their new place has to be close enough that their adopter can drive them back to me if they do not work out.

So pass the word! Two really nice pups with "special needs" are available to JUST the right person. And the price is right!

Monday, August 8, 2011

More Skinny

I now know why I stopped using the MAC altogether. I can't do anything on it! Can't get on my website host. Can't respond to SOME email. Can't edit any pictures. And, very unlike MAC in general, mine freezes on a regular basis. Part of the problem is the browsers (Safari and IE) are very old versions. And, of course, a big part of the problem is the 5-6 pounds of dust and doghair that have (no doubt) worked their way inside the frame since it has gaps in several places. So bear with me a little longer!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Here's the Skinny

I hate my new laptop. It doesn't have a dial-up modem and I've tried adding two different ones but it refuses to recognise any new hardware. And when I drive out to an area where wifi is available, it some times will and some times won't connect. AND it takes it upon itself to shut off whenever it feels like it (and no, it has nothing to do with the battery.) So I took out my iMac which is 9-10 years old and which is the only computer I have ever loved. It worked great for years... until one of the dogs got tangled in the cords and yanked it off the stand... and pulled it around the room for a while. Even then, it worked semi-ok except for a few oddball things and not wanting to work with discs any more. But I had just bought my first laptop... the one that is at least 5 years old now and I started using it more and more. Now that IT has died and I'm so unhappy with the new one, I hooked up the MAC and am using that. I'll keep the new laptop in the car and may have to use it for all photo stuff, but at least I can be at home AND on the computer at the same time again. Yea!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Something Terrible Happened

Bart, the parti Double Doodle guy, left Sunday afternoon for his new home in Virginia. But before he did, I took him, as I do ALL the pups, to the groomer for an invigorating and thoroughly cleansing hydra-surge bath at the groomers. Unfortunately for Bart... as well as me and his new mom... I also took a rescue girl in for a clipping. Image my HORROR when I picked them up and BOTH had been clipped down to the skin! No more fluffy puppy! I never ever CLIP anything under 6 months. The young lady who logged them in and brought the finished product back to me hours later could not understand why I was ... shall we say, unhappy. She told me they wouldn't charge me the additional fee for the clip since I didn't like it.... Luckily, Jane wasn't upset when she met him for the first time and had to take home a bare naked puppy.