Friday, April 30, 2010

Updates - Pups and Derby

Babies are doing fine. I started all of them on an antibiotic last night because Emy cut a couple cords really really short and I don't want to chance any umbilical infections. Rather than try to tell which pups had the buzz cuts, they're all getting the med... it's a lot faster!

And I lied! ONE pup has a single back dewclaw. It is the lightest blond male. I'm not taking him over to have it removed... it is attached by just skin, so it will be easily done when he is neutered. Or it can be just left alone (which is what I would do if he stayed here.)

Also, Cotton is 5 weeks along tomorrow and is still very iffy. She has some minor mammary swelling and is still a little puffy in the rear, but her ribs have not sprung and she's really acting just... normal. Of course, she did this the last time and there were 13 little buggers lounging around in there.... If I had to bet on it right this minute, I'd say she was NOT pregnant.

Kentucky Derby on Saturday

The filly is in.
AND she is the 3rd favorite!
The weather is supposed to be wet, looking for a sloppy track and Devil May Care moved up one or two spaces in the odds because she likes playing in the mud. Awesome Act has moved up to 4th for the same reason. Looking at Lucky and Sidney's Candy (MY favorite) are still at the top of the list but both have really bad post positions... Lucky is leaving from Gate 1 and Sid from #20. All things considered, I'd rather be in Sid's spot. Pletcher is saddling just 4 (just!) I hope Devil comes in for him! I'm also watching Super Saver and Line of David. No money on this, you understand!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Pix of Em's Pups

So here they are, close to 12 hours old. All snug and warm and fed. There will be a different photo on the website... but not by much!

No snake dogs in this litter... I checked for back dewclaws and there aren't any. AND I'm going to check again when I'm functioning at what passes for normal, probably tomorrow.

4/28/10 - They're Here!

Emy had 8 puppies during the night. She started about 3 AM and took about 3 hours. There are 3 females and 5 males (about the normal ratio.) All 3 females are very pale blond... will most likely look like Cotton... while 2 of the boys are the same color (going to be fun figuring out who's who!) and 1 is a wheaten blond (reddish right now, but will lighten up) and the other 2 are a black (with white markings) and a brown and tan (which will also lighten up.) The pups are all toasty warm and have been nursing. They're quiet... somewhat unusual for newborns, but definitely welcome!

I'll take photos later today but will send them out to the folks on the reservation list before posting them.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Still No News

Up and down last night, digging in the newspaper, then sacked out pretty much all day. Ate her usual morning meal and has nibbled from time to time since. Has bagged up a little. And that's all there is to report.

However, a word to the wise:
people who call me between now and when these pups are a couple days old, take their lives in their own hands! I'm trying to nap during the day since I'm not getting much sleep at night. And I'm not a pleasant person when I'm tired or sleepy!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not Yet

Emy is perfectly happy in her own private space. She's stretched out a lot, often on her back with her big ol' belly exposed to the sun coming in the window. (Yep, SUN. We did have some rain last night, but just rain.) Em's eating and going outside with the gang every couple hours. Soooo. Guess the pups are still baking!

Derby Update

Well, darn! My pick... pretty much everyone's pick... for this year's Ky Derby, Eskendereya, is out because of a front leg problem. However, Todd Pletcher seems to be determined to saddle an even half dozen horses for that race this year and there is a possibility his FILLY
Devil May Care, will run. The talk is she will be entered in BOTH the Oaks (for fillies only, on Friday) AND the Derby on Saturday and the decision on which she goes in will be made at the last minute. Her owner says she's a big kid on the track... runs with her ears pricked forward and looking around at all the sights. She's been working in blinkers to see if that will help her concentration, but she still shows interest in everything around her.

And Rachel Alexandra

is going to race on Friday as well. This will be her second time out this year. The first was a second place finish, making her 11 for 15.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Predicting Pups' Arrival 101

Subtitle: Give Me a Break!
For those of you who have checked the blog or website 10 times already today...
no news is not good news.
It's not BAD news, it's just no news.
Even though Ms Emy woke me up several times last night nesting, she is still packing all of the babies inside.
Nesting, for those who don't know, is digging and rooting in the bedding. Since it is a sign of approaching labor, I want to be aware of it, so I always use a thick layer of newspapers. They rustle when the dog starts digging in them and, wah-LAH, I'm awake. For what good it did me last night. And, of course, all day today she's been sacked out.
And the severe thunderstorms haven't reached us yet either... guess that will be
Predicting Thunderstorms 101!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Emy's Reservation List Closed

If I am not already working with you for a spot on the reservation list for the due-any-minute litter from Emy and Sparky, you're too late. Although it's a little early, she's been panting and clingy all day... two signs she's in the early stages of labor. I expect we're going to have puppies pretty soon... if not tonight, certainly during the severe thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow!

Cotton update
Cotton is just entering the 2nd tri-weeks (don't know what the "week" version is for "months") and has a few signs pointing to a pregnancy BUT it is still way too early to tell. She's not put on weight (which is normal) and doesn't have any bulges (also normal for this time of the cycle.) She's galloping around the yard as usual, except her mama (Emy) isn't out there playing chase with her, so the running usually stops pretty quick. Another few weeks and I should have a MUCH better idea what's going on. Hang in there!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Can't Please 'em All

This is an email I got this morning... note I left the guy's address on it.


Labradoodle puppy
What the hell are you smoking. $1250. for an ugly mutt.

My reply was that his stuff was probably better than mine.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Six Months Old Already

Di and Brogue's last litter will be 6 months old on Tuesday! Here is the latest picture of Otis. This was taken after his first grooming. He is 22 pounds and seems to be the PERFECT dog... although Julie says he is still training his people about some things.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Reservation list info

Just a note... the reservation list is open for Emy's litter only. I have worked on the website, hoping to make that clear. Because of the coloring of her last litter, I have a lot of interest in Cotton's pups but it's too soon to know if she's even pregnant. And, truthfully, Emy is just as likely to have mostly light colored babies... after all, Cotton is an Emy (& Sparky) baby!
A long time ago, a wise breeder told me
"if you particularly like the looks of a specific dog, don't breed to it or get a pup from it, but get a pup from its parents."
And that's the way it usually works!

Brogue's Courting
Brogue is going to meet a new girl friend this weekend. A SCWT. He seems to be getting somewhat picky in his middle age, so we'll have to see how they get along. IF they do get along, I plan to take a male pup as the stud fee. I still need a replacement guy around here and who better than the original fellow?
Son of Brogue, gives new meaning to S.O.B.!

Photo Time!

Claudia sent this shot of her and Bingo. He is the black and tan pup from Di/Brogue's last litter. She was originally looking for a "bigger" dog but says she's found she still has a lot of dog on the end of the lead!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Photos of Emy and Cotton

As you can see, Ms Emy is most definitely pregnant! Isn't that a cute belly... and rather large for 6 weeks. I hope it's only her usual 6-7 pups!

And here is Ms Cotton, obviously not showing at all at just barely 2 weeks. I had the hardest time getting her to move away from my feet so I could get a picture!

And my new favorite picture of Mr Ost. He is such a PUPPY! It is really nice having him around to keep me entertained!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Yep, had both Emy and Cotton to the groomer yesterday and there's no way around it... Emy is pregnant. I was going to take photos today... even though they don't look all that great totally bald... but it is raining. The first rain we've had in a long time so it's hard to be upset... we're down about 4 inches already for the year. However, the sun is supposed to be back tomorrow and I'll get pictures then. Right now, Diamond, Emy and Cotton are all curled together in a tight little ball... I made them go outside in the rain and they got wet, so they need each other for comfort during this trying period of time. Keogh is with them... she's just not part of the "ball" and isn't curled up. Brogue IS curled up a few feet away... he is never snuggled against another dog unless she's in heat.

Ost was outside too... of course, he doesn't mind the rain as he's still a very young puppy. Five months is NOTHING! I forgot what a heavy coat he has until he came inside DRIPPING. I could have wrung him out! He's now plastered against Ravin's side, both of them sound asleep. Supposed to have thunderstorms this afternoon. Several of the dogs... especially Ravin... don't like them. The rest don't even notice.

At least I got my fences moved Monday and Tuesday. All the time I've lived here, I've never had a problem with barking dogs. Then last year, the field across from me was sold and people put in a nice little house and a few other buildings... on the far side of the property. BUT then then cleared the trees and brush along their fence line and put a big garden in. Right where my dogs can see everything they do. And bark about it. They're not used to other people being around and everyone is a threat, so it gets pretty obnoxious whenever there is weeding or whatever going on. I moved my fences back about 40 feet... and the dogs will STILL be able to see the garden since we're uphill. Guess I'm going to have to put up some kind of privacy fencing. Yuck!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Reservation List opening 4/8/10

That's right. In the last two days, Emy has bloomed! She's gotten a nice little belly on her. Just to be on the safe side, the reservation list isn't opening until AFTER I get her clipped down on Wednesday, but...
I'm ready to start screening homes now.

Feel free to email for the details.

This list is for EMY/BROGUE pups only.

And by the way, be sure to use the website address
(mountainsummit at
And yes, it IS .fm, not .com.) I occasionally get email at the blog's yahoo address but only check that account every once in a while, so there is often a long delay before I answer.

Claudia and Bingo check in

Sorry, no picture, but Claudia reports Bingo is 20 pounds at 5 months. How is every one else doing?
Also, Bingo tends to be shy around strangers so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's THAT Time of Year Again

Many of you know I'm a big fan of Triple Crown and Breeders Cup racing and it's coming into the 6 week period from the Kentucky Derby to the Belmont Stakes...
but, first, an update on the Whoodle situation!

Both Emy and Cotton are going to the groomer on Wednesday and getting all their hair removed. Once their bellies are smooth, I'll be able to keep a better watch for what's going on in that area. Em, of course, will be 6 weeks along on Wednesday, so I should be able to tell. But Cotton will be just 2 weeks in and there won't be any discernible changes, except maybe pinker than normal nipples. I'll let you know.

And now, back to horse racing!
Today was the Wood Memorial and the Santa Anita Stakes. The clear, unopposed winner of the first is Eskendereya. Last week, I got on some thoroughbred sites and check out horses that may or may not be in the Derby and Esken/etc was one that struck my eye. I was glad to see him have no trouble at all with the Wood. The Santa Anita did not have such clear results. The 2 year old colt of note (from last year) is Lookin at Lucky and he finished 3rd after a really terible run... boxed in tight most of the race (the officials held the results until they studied what had happened with him.) In first was Sidney's Candy who went to the front out of the gate and stayed there all the way around the track... and was pulling away from the other 9 colts at the end. Second place went to Setsuko who was pretty much dead last until given his head and allowed to run around the last turn and down the stretch. By that time, Lucky was clear on the rail and the two of them went pretty much stride for stride the rest of the way. The thing is, they weren't making up any distance on Candy. Just watching the post parade... I missed most of the 'up close and personal' parts of the telecast... I liked Candy and the #9 horse, Skipshot, who is absolutely stunning in appearance. Don't know where he finished though. Haven't taken the time to look up pedigrees yet... will wait until the field is more firmed up, after next weekend's Arkansas Derby and Blue Grass Stakes. Oh, one thing, Todd Pletcher has 6-8 possibles for the Derby, including Esken/etc, not that he gets all the good horses or anything....

And last but not least

The last of the Poodle pups left today, the apricot female. I had a lady inquire about her as soon as I posted the pups on a local website in early March and I've been holding on to her. It looks like a good match. Same for the other 3... at least, so far, they all seem to be fitting in. And now I have no puppies...

Well, there's Ost
I've decided... at least temporarily... if he's not sold by the time this little Goldendoodle backcross female I've found is old enough to come here, I'll just keep him....


Several of the Doodle forums are reporting the theft of 2 multi-generational Labradoodle females... one with a litter of pups and the other IN heat. This has happened in Central Florida. I don't have... or want all the details... but I do know the man who has the dogs is looking for Labradoodle stud service for the one in season and is attempting to sell the puppies from the other one. He called me earlier this week (for stud service) and I've talked with a couple other breeders he's contacted as well. None of us do "outside" stud service unless it's to dogs we've bred or those owned by people we know. (For instance, Chauncey who had Shadow pups and Brogue has a repeat breeding coming up to a SCWT female.) ANyway, if you have friend who are looking for a pup, you might warn them about this guy in Florida.