Friday, April 16, 2010

Reservation list info

Just a note... the reservation list is open for Emy's litter only. I have worked on the website, hoping to make that clear. Because of the coloring of her last litter, I have a lot of interest in Cotton's pups but it's too soon to know if she's even pregnant. And, truthfully, Emy is just as likely to have mostly light colored babies... after all, Cotton is an Emy (& Sparky) baby!
A long time ago, a wise breeder told me
"if you particularly like the looks of a specific dog, don't breed to it or get a pup from it, but get a pup from its parents."
And that's the way it usually works!

Brogue's Courting
Brogue is going to meet a new girl friend this weekend. A SCWT. He seems to be getting somewhat picky in his middle age, so we'll have to see how they get along. IF they do get along, I plan to take a male pup as the stud fee. I still need a replacement guy around here and who better than the original fellow?
Son of Brogue, gives new meaning to S.O.B.!

Photo Time!

Claudia sent this shot of her and Bingo. He is the black and tan pup from Di/Brogue's last litter. She was originally looking for a "bigger" dog but says she's found she still has a lot of dog on the end of the lead!

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