Friday, April 30, 2010

Updates - Pups and Derby

Babies are doing fine. I started all of them on an antibiotic last night because Emy cut a couple cords really really short and I don't want to chance any umbilical infections. Rather than try to tell which pups had the buzz cuts, they're all getting the med... it's a lot faster!

And I lied! ONE pup has a single back dewclaw. It is the lightest blond male. I'm not taking him over to have it removed... it is attached by just skin, so it will be easily done when he is neutered. Or it can be just left alone (which is what I would do if he stayed here.)

Also, Cotton is 5 weeks along tomorrow and is still very iffy. She has some minor mammary swelling and is still a little puffy in the rear, but her ribs have not sprung and she's really acting just... normal. Of course, she did this the last time and there were 13 little buggers lounging around in there.... If I had to bet on it right this minute, I'd say she was NOT pregnant.

Kentucky Derby on Saturday

The filly is in.
AND she is the 3rd favorite!
The weather is supposed to be wet, looking for a sloppy track and Devil May Care moved up one or two spaces in the odds because she likes playing in the mud. Awesome Act has moved up to 4th for the same reason. Looking at Lucky and Sidney's Candy (MY favorite) are still at the top of the list but both have really bad post positions... Lucky is leaving from Gate 1 and Sid from #20. All things considered, I'd rather be in Sid's spot. Pletcher is saddling just 4 (just!) I hope Devil comes in for him! I'm also watching Super Saver and Line of David. No money on this, you understand!

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