Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fine, We're All Fine

We have no flooding or other rain issues where I am. In fact, my "road" has dried out so much today, my neighbor up the hill has already graded it to smooth out the ruts. The nice thing about living toward the bottom of the hill is I don't have much of a way to go to reach the county road, so even when my road is really bad, I can just take my time and not do any damage to my car. And the other nice thing is, the guy above me who takes care of the road... on his own, I might add... has to go right passed my house when he's grading!

The Pups
are doing well. They're really growing and all of them have some solid weight to them when I pick them up (unlike kittens who always feel like air!) The smallest, RIGHT NOW, is the black boy (who is actually black and tan) and the largest are the dark blond boy and the wheaten red guy. The rest are all clumped in the middle. BUT there is really just a little difference in their individual weights.

The largest of the 3 girls is an explorer. Twice yesterday she moved far enough away from the pack to get lost. It is hot and the pups are sleeping sprawled out (Emy is sleeping outside the nest whenever feeding and cleaning chores allow.) Dora the explorer crawls away, finds a cool spot and takes a nap. But when she wakes up... where's MOM!?

I'm going to take a couple new photos... by gender... in the next day or two and will post right away.

One female is still available
and the boys, of course.

Derby Day
I was not particularly pleased with network coverage of the Derby... maybe they just didin't have that many interesting stories to tell this year, but I thought it was a little heavy on cooking, mint julips, fashion and hats. (Note: fashion and hats were two different subjects.) Then we got to the actual race... it was nice Todd Pletcher finally got a win. And it was nice it was Super Saver, one of the ones I liked. Yeah, okay, so I picked 5 and he was the only one in the money. Actually, he was the only one in the top NINE. The filly, Devil May Care, was 10th and my others were back... way back!

Personally I'm REALLY tired of the excuse Looking at Lucky's camp has every time he doesn't win... he had a bad trip. Well he's had a few of those recently. That was the excuse for him in the Derby. However, it turns out the horse that finished second, Icebox, had an even worse trip and he still made up the distance. In fact, if this had been the Belmont (which is longer than the Derby,) Icebox might have caught Super Saver... and Lucky would still have been running behind them.

You don't hear me... or her people... making excuses for Rachel Alexandra who is 2 for 2 this year. She's just getting outrun, even if it is by a nose. Maybe her time has come and gone or maybe she's matured/changed physically over the last few months and hasn't gotten it under control as yet. She's still my girl!

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