Thursday, May 6, 2010

Em's Pups at 1 Week

And here they are, early this morning... well, early for THEM... on their 8th day. First, the girls

Girly info... the two forming the "L" are slightly smaller and just a smidge darker the the one by herself (who happens to be Dora the Explorer, the pup I wrote about previously.) It's really too soon to see what their noses are going to do, but if I had to venture a guess today, I'd say they're going to stay fairly light.

These are the two already blond boys

Don't try to judge size by this shot. They ARE bigger than the girls but not as much as this picture makes them look. The one on the left is a scoch darker than the other guy and the other guy is the one with the single back dewclaw.

Then, the black (and tan with white) and the two wheaten red (will lighten up to some shade of blond, maybe with lace) boys

You can't see it in this photo but all 3 have tan on their lower legs. The two "reds" are about the same size as the blond boys and the black fella is the smallest in the litter AT THIS TIME. Also, his black has somewhat of a "dusty" look to it which often means it is going to change... either turn silver or blue or get highlights throughout.

They are all doing well (knock on wood, fingers crossed) and have finished their precautionary antibiotics. They are strong as little oxen... I really have to hang on to them when I pick one up. Right now, they don't particularly like being disturbed and think any time they're awake, they're supposed to be at the buffet table. Emy has her own dinner schedule and will often get back in the nest and wake up 3 or 4 to eat. I am still amazed that dogs are smart enough to assign meal times to particular pups! Emy's not the first one I've had do this and she does, occasionally, feed all of them at once. But more often than not, half of them will be snoozing and the other half sucking it in!

I'm going to have similar but different shots of the gang on the website later today.

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