Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BIG Progress

Monday night I was watching tv and Marco WALKED across the nest. Made all 4 feet just as steady as can be. All day long the gang was practicing being up on all 4s... they are now trying to squat for certain activities... but they couldn't get more than one foot moved before they fell, kerplunk! And then big ol' Marco! Yesterday, most of them were able to move several steps before going down and this morning you'd think they'd been walking all their lives! The interesting thing is Emy gets into the nest and goes to the opposite side from where they've all gathered, so they have to come to her for mothering. She stays a few minutes, then leaves, then does it again. Very smart mama, that Emy.

And to celebrate being 3 weeks old, they've started wrestling with each other. Now, this is from a lying down position, but there are heads being bumped together and mouths closed around other pups' feet and heads.

They grow up so fast!

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