Monday, May 24, 2010


The seven days between week 3 and week 4 are chock full of new experiences! I noticed yesterday when I had all the pups out of the nest so I could clean up that two of them stuck their noses in the water bowl. They immediately backed away and then did it again. It's been hot here so I'm sure they've been a little thirsty from time to time when mom has left them for a couple hours. So, I put the water bowl and the food bowl in the nest. They all take a lap or two every now and then. And one of them... the heretofore unnamed lightest red guy... has discovered the food bowl. He's now Hungry Jack. And Jack has been quick to spread the word to the rest of the litter. This morning, 3 blond heads were in the bowl at one time and during the day I've seen every pup get some kibble. So far, this has been a really good bunch!

On tv this weekend, I heard a great explanation of how you can make genetic theory work for you. A woman was worried that her unborn child was going to inherit some bad genes and a man told her that according to genetic theory only one in 4 offspring inherits whatever so the trick was to have only 3.
Unfortunately, way too many breeders think that IS the way it works.

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