Saturday, May 22, 2010

More Progress

So we have ears that work! This morning there were a couple barks AND two pups practicing their growls. They sound more like kittens purring, but they'll get better over time!

AND yesterday I lied to Rob... I told him so far none of the pups had gotten out of the nest and that is was very unusual. Of course, just a few minutes after I sent the email, I heard an "I'm lost!" cry which I didn't think much of... and didn't go investigate... because how lost can you be in a plastic pool with a 4' diameter? But the cry continued and started to sound like more than one puppy. Sure enough, there were TWO out of the pool and trapped in the small area between its round side and the corner. AND the bottom of the pool was moving! Dora was underneath the floor. Thank goodness I didn't wait too long to check because she was still on her feet and apparently not having any trouble breathing, but NOW I worry that she could have been smothered. The two in the corner were... wait for it... Lolly and Spider! Yep, all 3 girls! Some hours later, they had escaped again and this time they took their black and tan brother with them! The two smallest pups in the litter have managed to figure out a way over the side but the bigger pups are still happily playing in the nest.

Speaking of black and tan puppies, this is Montana who lives in Manhattan. She was black and tan when she left here a few months ago. And I mean COAL black. Look what big city pollution has done to her!

Doodle Pups
Cathy, from, sent me this picture of my new grandbabies:

TWELVE, all black, 2nd generation LABRAdoodles. Mom is Lilly who is from Shadow and Ravin's last litter. Just look at how shiny and BLACK those coats are. Know someone interested in a Labradoodle? Have them get in touch with Cathy!

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