Monday, May 10, 2010

Still Can't Say about Cotton

I know many of you are frustrated with the Cotton situation. SHE is about the only one who seems perfectly comfortable right now. Just so you know I haven't forgotten about it, she has some MINOR mammary swelling but hasn't gained an ounce! IF she is pregnant, it's just a pup or two.

Update on Emy's babies

Looks like there are 2 males and 1 female still available in the Emy/Sparky litter. Picks have not been made as yet, although several people have indicated an initial preference. Just a reminder... picks are made in the order deposits were received.

Dora has an explorer brother... Marco Polo, the lightest blond (with the back dewclaw.) ALL weekend long I've had to go retrieve him from where he'd gotten lost in the nest. The pups are in a blow-up swimming pool (my favorite whelping box, although I never let moms actually whelp in them as they tear them to shreds.) The blown up sides act as a pig rail (which gives the pups some escape room, preventing them from being smashed by their mom... well, it buys them enough time to scream their heads off and I go to the rescue!) and the lack of corners means a lost puppy will eventually make it all the way around and back to the litter. That's the theory anyway. Haven't seen that happen... maybe I don't wait long enough! The "I've wandered away and can't get back" cries are too much for me to handle, especially in the middle of the night. Sometimes, Emy gets tired of listening to it before I do and retrieves the rover, but they're getting bigger... most over a pound now... and I really don't want her picking them up. She scoops them INTO her mouth... I've never seen a mom carry a pup by the scruff of the neck... as far as I can tell, that's a cat thing. By the way, pups can't back up; they can only go forward. Which makes hard sides, especially with corners, rather trying for them. I expect, now that the eyes are beginning to open, more and more babies will be wandering around.

A couple others have gotten nicknames this weekend... as they've gotten larger and stronger, their suction powers have increased. When I go in and ask Em if she'd like a potty break, she bounces up. She used to shed pups when she rose, but now three of them hang on for dear life and she'll make it almost out of the nest before they all finally let go. SO they are Molasses (the darkest red boy,) Spider (as in web... ever try to get one of those off you?) and Lolly (pop, an all day sucker!) The last two are Dora's sisters. I don't usually name pups unless I'm planning to keep them so it just shows you there is a lot of personality in this litter!

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