Saturday, May 29, 2010

What to Talk about Today?

Now that the pups have learned everything there is to know, they aren't doing anything new. They are ALL staying out of the nest most of the time although some of them go back in to sleep and at night 5-6 of them climb back in and stay there. (The 2-3 who don't are usually Molasses and Hungry Jack and one of the blond pups, but never the same one!) I'm going to take the pool out of there and replace it with the bottom of a large airline crate. That way, they'll have some place "safe" they can go for emergencies and they will get used to the feel/smell of the crate plastic. They are wrestling much more often and more actively... Marco got pinned by his sister, Lolly, yesterday and wasn't happy about it, so when she let him up, he tried the same maneuver on little Spider. It didn't work because she planted her feet and refused to go down. None of them have learned, yet, how to use their chests to bowl the other pups over.

Everyone has a name now... the black-n-tan fellow is Brother and the smaller blond guy, who has been the pup with no name for so long, is Eastman after the man with no name. You all realize, I hope, that these are just "call names" or what I am calling them. They can be changed as soon as you get your puppy. My nicknames for them could be anything... I once had a litter of parti-colored Poodles that I called One through Six. Each of them is now Max or Sam or Daisy, whatever, with no ill effects.

Second worming is today. Didn't see any worms the first time... I know, YUCK!... but it is a fact of life with dogs. Just like puppy breath and, dare I say it, humping!

My new puppy

If you haven't been on the Double Doodle page on the website, you haven't met Wombat. Her name is Mountain Summit What's One More and, as with Ost, I'm using her initials for her call name... WOM. She's 7 weeks old in the photo and is a backcross Goldendoodle. Her mom is a Goldendoodle puppy... a sister of my Keogh... I placed with a breeder friend in Georgia. And her dad is the littermate to my standard Poodle girl, Darlin, who now lives in Canada. So, Wombat is going to be moving in with family when she comes here! But that won't be for about 6 weeks. I hope she stays that red (but it's doubtful.)

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