Monday, May 30, 2011

This is Getting Ridiculous!

And now it's the newspaper. The prize for being the first to tear up newspaper (something ALL pups learn to do with great abandon) goes to Bud, the solid black guy. USUALLY, this prize is awarded when the litter is 5-7 weeks old....

By the way, Bud is a different shade of black than Bob. It is easy to see in the photos (I think.) He seems to have a lighter cast to his coat, possibly an indication that he is going to silver, like his gorgeous mama. Daddy Ost is white, black and silver, so it's on both sides of the pedigree.

Bingo Bristow

19 months old and 30 pounds, Bingo was the smallest in his litter. His parents are Diamond and Brogue.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

3-1/2 Weeks Pictures





The only one who seems to actually like having his picture taken is Bart. The other three are all over the place... I probably took 10 different shots of Bart to get a couple usable ones. The others required at least twice that. Each! (Thank goodness there are only 4 pups this time around! The Fall 2010 litters just about did me in! Picture taking is not my favorite thing to start with!)

More pix will be on the website later this evening. There's a link from the Double Doodle page or you can go directly there at

Weights WILL be taken on Wednesday. Yes they will

What do I know?
In regards to the running of the Belmont (the third of the Triple Crown races) on Saturday, June 11th... forget what I predicted after the Preakness. Animal Kingdom's people have already announced he WILL be entered in the race. Shackleford's connections haven't made up their minds as yet. I'm looking forward to the race, not with the giddy excitement I feel when one horse has already won both the Derby and the Preakness, but with anticipation of seeing some gorgeous animals doing what they love to do. The only thing better is watching horses in a pasture kicking up their heels and challenging each other.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

And Then There were Teeth!

Still way ahead of the curve, the Keogh/Ost Double pups have teeth already. Usually pups are 5-6 weeks old before they get anything more than pricklies on their gum lines. (There are several small breeds who don't get measurable teeth until 8-10 weeks of age.) So, instead of the medium breed puppy food I was going to buy this afternoon, I'm going to get LARGE breed... the kibble is somewhat larger (and the formula is supposed to be a little different as well.)

And yes I know, pictures are overdue. They're coming... maybe tomorrow.

Peri and Boon

My Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Boon, at 8 months and my Di/Brogue daughter, Peri, at 7 months. He's 40 pounds, she's not yet 20... and, following doggy tradition, SHE is in charge! They are seriously bonded which makes a decision on keeping/selling her very difficult.

Friday, May 27, 2011


The last Jennifer's pup who left has absolutely REFUSED to settle in at his new home. I wrote about him last week and am sorry to say he is miserable as is his new owner. I need to get him back here. The problem is he is now near Washington DC (Fairfax County VA) and his lady cannot get the time off work to bring him. Obviously, with my PAD, even if I could get away for any length of time, I couldn't go get him. I'm hoping someone in that area is willing or knows of someone who is willing to bring him. Rescues often form "trains" with different people transporting the dog on legs of the journey, so if anyone can help, PLEASE contact me right away. Thanks!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First Big (Serious) Scare

Another first to report... this one goes to Bart, the parti guy. He ended up front end first hanging over the edge of his mom's water bowl which was FULL. She doesn't have a little one quart bowl... or she didn't last night... but a big one gallon piece of crockery. I bought 6 of them for about $3-4 each maybe 8 years ago and still have 4. I LOVE them in the areas where there are a number of dogs congregating on a regular basis. There is one in Keogh's pen because she is soaking up the water like the Gobi AND because two weeks old pups seldom have it together enough to walk steadily, much less climb. Needless to say, after rescuing a sopping wet puppy, I emptied the bowl and put it up for about 2 months. Breeders learn about hazards like deep water bowls, electric cords, mama dogs wearing collars, etc. the hard way. Most don't need to experience a lesson like that more than once. Bart sulked... another first!... until he dried off. His mom sniffed him, gave him a lick and left him to his pouting.

And yet another day of storms!

This is really getting old! First the extremely sucky winter (which was following the hottest summer since the EARLY 20th century) and now one severe storm after another. This area is just not used to severe weather of any sort. And what really, REALLY ticks me off is the advantage one of the local tv weatherman is taking for on air time every time a dark cloud passes overhead. I understand these weather reports normally don't get a lot of exposure, but this guy is overdoing it. He started a "weather UPDATE" at 4 PM this afternoon and now, at 4:47, he is still going strong, repeating the exact same info over and over and over. Like we're stupid or something. I checked the other two stations and they're showing regular programming with little message scrolls. And that's another thing. The channel the gung-ho guy is on uses the entire bottom third of the screen for a radar map and text explaining what the map is showing PLUS the top fourth of the screen to run a scroll with the same information.
Needless to say, when the weather is bad (actually, right now, I've got lots and lots of sunshine which Boon, Peri and Jennifer's Buddy are outside enjoying) I try to watch some other station.

And one more thing... isn't it amazing how smart we, the viewers, get during commercials? NONE of the different stations run the scrolls or other types of warning during commercials. Apparently, we only need to know about these thing during regular programming.

Monday, May 23, 2011

These Amazing Puppies

At the rate these guys are maturing, they'll be ready for obedience training in about a month! Yesterday, they all figured out how to get out of the pool. Not only that, they taught themselves to get back IN! There is usually a matter of several days or longer before pups get THAT concept down pat. And THEN they decided it didn't matter if they got back in, they were still safe outside the nest. Sometimes they wandered around the pen (which is half the size of the room... 15' by 8') until they found their mom and sometimes they just lay down and went to sleep where ever... together or singly! I am SOOO impressed with all four. It's almost scary how advanced they are!

Preakness bummer

I had first and second place in the Preakness BUT they finished in the wrong order for Animal Kingdom to try for the Triple Crown. The mile and three sixteenths is definitely Shakleford's length... AK needed another couple steps to pass him. I doubt either of them will run in the Belmont; Shak because it is too long and AK because his trainer and owner(s) aren't keen on running 3 races in 5 weeks. He probably wouldn't have been entered in the Preakness if he hadn't won the Derby. Actually, that group of people... AK's connections... are MY type! No drugs, no tricks, run the horses when it's right for them and have fun. Wish I could afford to buy in!

Another Storm

And for the first time in a long while, my power was off for an extended period... all of last night's prime time so I missed the Celebrity Apprentice finale. (I'm assuming John Rich won because that was the only choice....) My power came on after about 5 hours... the lights/tv coming on woke me up... and then went off again. Don't know when or for how long, I just saw that the clock was screwed up again this morning. My son, who lives about 3 miles from me, is STILL without power and the tree blocking the road about 30 feet beyond his drive is still untouched. That is a fairly busy road and there were no warnings up, no police presence, no nothing so all night there were squealing brakes. He called the police several times and was told they were busy.... More severe storms forecast for later today. Of course. It's Dancing with Stars tonight AND the finale (season AND series) of The Event!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Super Pups

We, Keogh and I, have AMAZING puppies! They are 2-1/2 weeks old... 17 days... and are walking (REALLY walking,) AND sitting up and wrestling with each other! AND making growling noises while they do it. I watched them for a couple minutes this morning, then ran to get the camera. But, since they are just 2-1/2 weeks old, by the time I got ready to take a couple pictures, they were sound asleep again. Yesterday I noticed they would wake up when I opened the pen to let Ke out for a while. They didn't bark, just lifted their heads up and peered around to see what was going on. I'm not sure they are really able to focus just yet, but they are trying. Last night, three of them were nursing while Bart (the spotted guy) was sitting on his mom's feet, pulling on her ear. I'm telling you, these pups are at the genius level!

By the way, my computer is back to its "shades of gray" screen most of the time, so please overlook typing errors. It went for weeks with a normal screen, but now that I'm going to have to edit photos on a regular basis....

Preakness Day
Can't remember if I made my picks know a few days ago and having a hard time readin previous posts (or anything else!) but here goes.
ANimal Kingdom for the win (in hopes of a Triple Crown)
Shackleford and Mucho Macho Man in 2nd and 3rd, not necessarily in that order.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Now They're Growling

Their ears aren't open yet, but they are making sincere rumbling noises! They all seem to do things at exactly the same time, no laggers in THIS litter! Their ears will open in a few days and then they'll be barking at every little sound for 24-36 hours until they get use to "noise." And the smallest guy was totally up on his feet and actually walking... he looked like he was drunk but not falling down drunk! Over all, they are a few days ahead of "schedule."

Wombat (and Ost) have babies
Cathy emailed me a lot last night as Wombat had her very first litter. Unfortunately, they are all black... Cathy never seems to get anything BUT black! I told her I KNEW they were blond, apricot and parti when they left here a week ago last Saturday! Wom did very well with the actually whelping, settled right in with removing sacks, cutting cords, cleaning them... warned Cathy several times that they were HER pups and while she likes Cathy well enough, she doesn't know her very well and wants her to keep her distance. We were both expecting Wom to be a little dingy to start with, but she fooled us. Of course, SHE had a terrific mom and her grandmother was also a wonderful mom.

My 4 year old Goldendoodle guy, Bachelor Parti, left Tuesday and moved to Georgia. It is the PERFECT home for him, up to and including a 2 year old Labradoodle girl for him to keep company with. His new people are great... I told them they couldn't have him because they didn't have a fenced space... they live on 15 acres... and a few days later they had a chain link fenced installed.

So far, things have gone great... but he hasn't "smiled" (bared his teeth in a grin) for them yet. Their girl does it too... can you imagine if they ever have pups?!

Update, suggestions needed
One of Jennifer's pups has absolutely REFUSED to settle in at his new home. It should have been a slam dunk... the lady knows dogs , has a lot of patience AND there is an adult dog already in the home. BUT the puppy is still skulking around like a thief in the night. He doesn't snap or growl or try to get away, but he is making no progress in making up with his owner OR the other dog. He's been there nearly 3 weeks and she says it's like living with a ghost! If anyone has an idea... something that seemed to make a difference with your pup or another dog, please email me.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And Then There were Eyes!

Two weeks old this morning and 8 eyes wide open. Yesterday, there wasn't even a slit on any pup. It's like Keogh read the manual and is coaching the pups on proper development. They are also making great progress in the getting-the-belly-off-the-ground-and-walking-on-all-four-feet department. Next week, they'll be getting out of the nest on a regular basis, especially as the top rung of the two rung pool has leaked out all its air. And they'll be getting lost on a regular basis as well. I hope the temperature is a little warmer then (it is up to 49 this afternoon... after April being in the mid 80s!) I don't want any chilled pups.

The last of Emy's pups
is leaving tomorrow, moving to MA. Poor guy. They are just shy of 7 months and he knows something is up. He is VERY resistant to anything having to do with going off the property. He doesn't like walking on a lead... although for the trip to the vet on Monday, I took along an adult dog and Toby followed right behind, forgetting about the collar and lead... and he doesn't appreciate people he doesn't know (which means everyone who is not ME) putting their hands on him. He's going to have a rough time the next couple weeks.

One Jennifer pup
still available. I think he's sitting back, with Boon and Peri, going "Neaner neaner neaner" at Toby. I hope someone comes along for him before Keogh's pups get big enough to go outside!

Monday, May 16, 2011

What a Difference

This is Ke and the pups this morning. If you compare it to the same shot 12 days ago, it is easy to see how much bigger the babies are. They're growing like weeds!

For individual pictures of the foursome, go to

Sunday, May 15, 2011

11 Days Old

Photo taken this morning of Betty (the most white,) Bart (the parti guy,) Bob (has white feet/chest) and Bud (solid black.) These pups are really doing well... they are so strong already they are pushing up on all fours... well, all fives since they press their noses to the ground for balance! Mom is quite comfortable in the tv room with them, so that's where they're staying. I've actually gotten sleep with this litter!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Something in the Air?

This breeding season is not going the way I had hoped.
First, of course, was Cotton losing the litter.
And now another one of Keogh's pups has died... Harriette. She was always the smallest BUT she was active and nursing well. And yet she died during the night.
And now Penny tells me Maggie has lost her litter... or perhaps it was a false pregnancy (which is common in dogs.)
So it looks like the next Whoodle pups will be in the late fall.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The First First

The milk bar is open!
And the very first puppy in this litter to reach a milestone isssss

the little teeny tiny girl on the end. She is the first one to be out of the nest.
Obviously, she had a really good grip on a nipple when her mom stood up and walked out of the pool. According to her cries, the pup wasn't happy to be separated from the rest of the family!
So now we have Betty (for better late than never,) the last pup to arrive who is between her parti and black brothers and Harriette Houdini, the first pup to escape. Moving right along....

I got a Happy Mothers' Day from

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not Good News

As expected, I lost the pup I was working with and apparently trying to make sure he wasn't lonely in heaven, Keogh lay on another black male. So we're down to 5. The pups are in a swimming pool because the inflated sides act as a pig rail and give the pups some protection from mom lying on them, but they are too small as yet for the sides to help. Bummer.

Derby results
Want to know why I don't bet? Check out where my 4 horses finished:
9th - Pants on Fire (out of the Preakness because of bleeding after the race)
10th - Twice the Appeal
11th - Soldat (the one I thought might have a chance at the Triple Crown)
13th - Derby Kitten (and "exotic" means long shot)
The only thing I can say is I picked comparable runners!

The winner, Animal Kingdom, has some "foreign" (as in non USA) blood and in his short life (this was his 5th race) has won on all 3 types of track. He was in the lead at 1-3/16 miles (the length of the Preakness) and looked like he could stay in front to 1-1/2 miles (the length of the Belmont which is 1/4 mile farther than the Derby.) So maybe we'll get that Triple Crown this year... finally, after 34 years.

Two horses were injured during the race... Archarcharch who broke a bone in his foreleg (going to have surgery on it; it's not life threatening and he might be able to race again) and Comma to the Top who chipped an ankle (and who won't be running for at least 60 days.)

Wombat and Ost

Left Saturday morning to live in Florida with Cathy of 4everdoodles. She bought them some time back... when I first decided to sell them... but hadn't been able to come get them. Then when we learned Wombat was pregnant, we decided to leave her here until after the pups were weaned... she's a little dingy and young so we felt it might be better for everyone concerned. But since I've been feeling bad and don't know what I'm going to have to do to feel better, I asked Cathy to come get them. Which she did immediately. I'm going to miss at least seeing Wombat's (and Ost's) babies, but...! They are going to be drop dead gorgeous!

I'm working on a new website for the rescues. There are 7 (only one large) that would probably do well in the right new homes and, back to not feeling well, I've really got to work on getting them there. I'll post the address once I get everything set up. Please share with family and friends!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Derby Day

The first Saturday in May is one of my favorite days every year. This year, I've used the internet to follow all the contenders in the earlier prep races. Early on, like everyone else in the world, I liked Uncle MO but he's out and there is no clear TOP horse or even horses, so I've had try to figure out something else... which is what most of the Thoroughbred world is doing today. I've decided (this is MENTAL, not an EMOTIONAL decision which is unusual for me... and may be changed before post time!) to go with jockeys. Calvin Borel is up on Twice the Appeal who is not a terrific horse. BUT Calvin IS a terrific jockey. He's won three of the last four Derbys including the last two; a win today will make him the first ever 3 in a row winner. (There is a rumor going 'round that if Calvin pulls it off today, the Derby os going to be renamed The Borel Invitational.) Then there is Rosie Napravnik, only the 4th or 5th female jockey to ever ride in the Derby. She is a top rated jock AND is on a good horse, Pants on Fire. She came in second by a short nose on St John's River in yesterday's Oaks. Emotionally, I'm really interested in Soldat who could just be the right horse at the right time and take all 3 Triple Crown races and Derby Kitten who is described as an "exotic" and I have no idea what that means! Then there are the other 15 horses, most of whom have something to recommend them. I'm torn between about 5 others but you only get 4 spots so I'll stick with the 4 I've named. We'll see in about 5-1/2 hours.

Three days old

The little guy is still hanging in but I am almost positive it is sheer will power. I am feeding him, not that Ke won't, but he just doesn't seem to have the energy to suck. She is taking care of him but doesn't keep him close to her. When a dog lets a pup go off by itself (which is unusual for puppies in the first place) it almost always... 99.9% of the time... means there is something fatally wrong and Mom knows it. Cannot tell you how many times I've put hours and hours into feeding pups and keeping them warm, only to have them give up the ghost anyway. Still, you try. To be honest, I am always surprised he is still alive when I pick him up to feed him.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Magnificent Seven

Yesterday... from the left: boy, boy, boy, parti boy, parti girl, parti girl (better late than never,) boy

This morning... from the left: the 2 parti girls and the boys

With the exception of one of the black males, everyone is doing well. Keogh is SUCH a great mom! Because I'm not feeling so hot myself, she and the pups are still in the computer room... the first time I have NOT had the pups in my bedroom. I never hear a peep out of them and their little bottoms are squeaky clean. When she gets up to go outside... twice a day only... they whimper a bit, form themselves into a clump and go back to sleep until she returns.

Both of these pictures were taken just after she left.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And Then There were Seven

Twelve hours after this started and 9 hours after I thought it was finished, Keogh has another puppy! Another parti (good girl!) and another girl (good BOY!)

I'm almost afraid to leave the room for anything now!

By the way, these are DOUBLE DOODLE pups
(Goldendoodle/Labradoodle cross.) Just saying....


The 4 black boys

The parti boy

look's like there are 6 again (same as Keogh's first litter.) Four are black (several with white markings) and two are black-and-white parti (spotted.) The girl is a parti. (Yep, I said the girl.) The youngest is about 2 hours old and all are quiet meaning they're warm, dry and fed.
More, possible a pix, later...

7:30 AM, first report
We're having puppies! The first one out of the chute is a parti. The next two are black (one with white feet and probably chest.) Haven't handled them much as Keogh knows what she is doing it and doesn't need my help. Of course, I was expecting them later this week and do NOT have her spot in the bedroom set up. Planned on getting it done yesterday but was sick all day... excuses, excuses! Will let her finish up here in the tv room and then move her.
More later....

Monday, May 2, 2011


Brody (Cotton/Brogue) and Cameer (Emy/Shadow)
Cameer watches Brody arrive
Getting along famously


Kids and pups

Dads and pups