Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not Good News

As expected, I lost the pup I was working with and apparently trying to make sure he wasn't lonely in heaven, Keogh lay on another black male. So we're down to 5. The pups are in a swimming pool because the inflated sides act as a pig rail and give the pups some protection from mom lying on them, but they are too small as yet for the sides to help. Bummer.

Derby results
Want to know why I don't bet? Check out where my 4 horses finished:
9th - Pants on Fire (out of the Preakness because of bleeding after the race)
10th - Twice the Appeal
11th - Soldat (the one I thought might have a chance at the Triple Crown)
13th - Derby Kitten (and "exotic" means long shot)
The only thing I can say is I picked comparable runners!

The winner, Animal Kingdom, has some "foreign" (as in non USA) blood and in his short life (this was his 5th race) has won on all 3 types of track. He was in the lead at 1-3/16 miles (the length of the Preakness) and looked like he could stay in front to 1-1/2 miles (the length of the Belmont which is 1/4 mile farther than the Derby.) So maybe we'll get that Triple Crown this year... finally, after 34 years.

Two horses were injured during the race... Archarcharch who broke a bone in his foreleg (going to have surgery on it; it's not life threatening and he might be able to race again) and Comma to the Top who chipped an ankle (and who won't be running for at least 60 days.)

Wombat and Ost

Left Saturday morning to live in Florida with Cathy of 4everdoodles. She bought them some time back... when I first decided to sell them... but hadn't been able to come get them. Then when we learned Wombat was pregnant, we decided to leave her here until after the pups were weaned... she's a little dingy and young so we felt it might be better for everyone concerned. But since I've been feeling bad and don't know what I'm going to have to do to feel better, I asked Cathy to come get them. Which she did immediately. I'm going to miss at least seeing Wombat's (and Ost's) babies, but...! They are going to be drop dead gorgeous!

I'm working on a new website for the rescues. There are 7 (only one large) that would probably do well in the right new homes and, back to not feeling well, I've really got to work on getting them there. I'll post the address once I get everything set up. Please share with family and friends!

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