Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The 4 black boys

The parti boy

look's like there are 6 again (same as Keogh's first litter.) Four are black (several with white markings) and two are black-and-white parti (spotted.) The girl is a parti. (Yep, I said the girl.) The youngest is about 2 hours old and all are quiet meaning they're warm, dry and fed.
More, possible a pix, later...

7:30 AM, first report
We're having puppies! The first one out of the chute is a parti. The next two are black (one with white feet and probably chest.) Haven't handled them much as Keogh knows what she is doing it and doesn't need my help. Of course, I was expecting them later this week and do NOT have her spot in the bedroom set up. Planned on getting it done yesterday but was sick all day... excuses, excuses! Will let her finish up here in the tv room and then move her.
More later....

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