Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And Then There were Eyes!

Two weeks old this morning and 8 eyes wide open. Yesterday, there wasn't even a slit on any pup. It's like Keogh read the manual and is coaching the pups on proper development. They are also making great progress in the getting-the-belly-off-the-ground-and-walking-on-all-four-feet department. Next week, they'll be getting out of the nest on a regular basis, especially as the top rung of the two rung pool has leaked out all its air. And they'll be getting lost on a regular basis as well. I hope the temperature is a little warmer then (it is up to 49 this afternoon... after April being in the mid 80s!) I don't want any chilled pups.

The last of Emy's pups
is leaving tomorrow, moving to MA. Poor guy. They are just shy of 7 months and he knows something is up. He is VERY resistant to anything having to do with going off the property. He doesn't like walking on a lead... although for the trip to the vet on Monday, I took along an adult dog and Toby followed right behind, forgetting about the collar and lead... and he doesn't appreciate people he doesn't know (which means everyone who is not ME) putting their hands on him. He's going to have a rough time the next couple weeks.

One Jennifer pup
still available. I think he's sitting back, with Boon and Peri, going "Neaner neaner neaner" at Toby. I hope someone comes along for him before Keogh's pups get big enough to go outside!

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