Thursday, May 19, 2011

Now They're Growling

Their ears aren't open yet, but they are making sincere rumbling noises! They all seem to do things at exactly the same time, no laggers in THIS litter! Their ears will open in a few days and then they'll be barking at every little sound for 24-36 hours until they get use to "noise." And the smallest guy was totally up on his feet and actually walking... he looked like he was drunk but not falling down drunk! Over all, they are a few days ahead of "schedule."

Wombat (and Ost) have babies
Cathy emailed me a lot last night as Wombat had her very first litter. Unfortunately, they are all black... Cathy never seems to get anything BUT black! I told her I KNEW they were blond, apricot and parti when they left here a week ago last Saturday! Wom did very well with the actually whelping, settled right in with removing sacks, cutting cords, cleaning them... warned Cathy several times that they were HER pups and while she likes Cathy well enough, she doesn't know her very well and wants her to keep her distance. We were both expecting Wom to be a little dingy to start with, but she fooled us. Of course, SHE had a terrific mom and her grandmother was also a wonderful mom.

My 4 year old Goldendoodle guy, Bachelor Parti, left Tuesday and moved to Georgia. It is the PERFECT home for him, up to and including a 2 year old Labradoodle girl for him to keep company with. His new people are great... I told them they couldn't have him because they didn't have a fenced space... they live on 15 acres... and a few days later they had a chain link fenced installed.

So far, things have gone great... but he hasn't "smiled" (bared his teeth in a grin) for them yet. Their girl does it too... can you imagine if they ever have pups?!

Update, suggestions needed
One of Jennifer's pups has absolutely REFUSED to settle in at his new home. It should have been a slam dunk... the lady knows dogs , has a lot of patience AND there is an adult dog already in the home. BUT the puppy is still skulking around like a thief in the night. He doesn't snap or growl or try to get away, but he is making no progress in making up with his owner OR the other dog. He's been there nearly 3 weeks and she says it's like living with a ghost! If anyone has an idea... something that seemed to make a difference with your pup or another dog, please email me.

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