Monday, August 27, 2012


The last two Emy/Boon puppies have found a home. That's right, A home. They are moving together to  Connecticut. That makes 7 (SEVEN) of the 10 May pups (Emy 9, Peri 1) living in or around NYC. A number of those families have either met or are emailing and planning to set up play dates. The girls, Belle and Bailey, are leaving on Saturday, via Delta. Everyone, please, keep your fingers crossed for good weather!

More interesting stuff
Yesterday was the one year birthday of the first Emy/Boon litter. The interesting thing is, the people who have updated me about their pups ALL have dogs that are under 25 pounds. THIS year's litter are ALL close to that already! Nothing like making it even more difficult for me to predict what pups are going to weigh!
This is Finn from Ohio, from that first litter.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is This You

This photo was taken last week in New York by someone who said it was the cutest dog he had ever seen. The pup definitely looks like one of Emy and Brogue's youngens! I know who it is NOT but because I am mentally challenged when it comes to observing and remembering PEOPLE, I don't know... definitely... who it IS. (I have an idea, but I get lots of ideas!)
Swallowing even one flea leads to tapeworms. I forgot to put that on the shot records that went home with the pups. Your vet should tell you , especially since the warmer than usual winter led to a bumper flea crop this spring and early summer. Here, the extremely hot weather before July killed off much of the problem. BUT, the extremely wet and somewhat milder tempered July brought us meant the fleas are coming back in force. Just in case you don't already know, tapeworms look like rice. (Roundworms look like spaghetti and you can't see hooks or pins.) There are no over the counter wormers... that I know of... that kill tapes; you have to ask the vet for it. It is a single dose with a follow up 10-14 days later. BUT if the dog swallows another flea, you're going to see tapes again.

More Maggie/Cisco puppy pix

Dewey Schneiderman and his kids

Friday, August 17, 2012

Tale of Two Motels

Bernie (aka Moose and Brown & Tan Dog) left yesterday morning with a really wonderful family from New York. They stayed Wednesday night at the Holiday Inn Express and we got to spend about an hour sitting in the lobby Thursday morning, letting the pup get used to them. When we finally parted, Bernie walked to their car with them just a few looks in my direction. He seemed more puzzled than upset. And this is a picture of him maybe an hour later.
Now, the attitude of the people at the Holiday Inn was totally different from that at the Comfort Inn. When I met people there, I was told in no uncertain terms the puppy was not allowed in the building. Period. 
The Meadowview has also allowed me and pups to sit in their lobby with families picking them up.
So guess which motels I'm going to suggest when folks are spending the night in this area.

By the way, just so you know (if you haven't already figured it out for yourselves,) these pups are pretty smart about getting their own way. This is Watson who also lives in New York. His folks hide the car keys.

Cash, who lives in California, really likes what his family calls his "mimi" or his special smells-like-Tennessee towel. His mom put it in the laundry basket because it's becoming way to easy to smell Tennessee whenever it is around. The next thing she knew, Cash had retrieved it.

Notice every one of these guys is looking right at the camera. 
Must be pups just don't want ME taking their pictures!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Growing like Weeds!

Clooney is up to almost 11 pounds. She is 4-1/2 months old. And then there are Emy's 3 pups. Moose (whose family is planning to call him Bernie) was 22-1/2 pounds at the vet's today. His sisters, Pony and Cream/goldy, are 18-1/2 and 19 respectively. (The interesting thing is Pony is taller and looks bigger, but Cream is a lot more solid.) They will be 4 months in another week Clooney has mastered the steps... she goes up, she goes down, she goes up, she goes down. The other 3... go up. Period. I put them down, they beat me up. So far the pups who have moved out have lost no time in getting the hang of it, so I don't know what the problem is here.

Cute picture
This is NOT my house... but it sure COULD be!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I know it's been a while... 6 days to be exact... since I last posted. I've been busy but not with anything blog-worthy. Except for photos. I've gotten a good many from a number of people (you know who you are) and none from some others (you know who YOU are.) The updates have, for the most part, been positive as well as entertaining. You have no idea how good it makes me feel to know the pups are settling in quickly. The first couple weeks in their new homes are trying for ALL of us! And the pups still here have gotten wise to the departure procedure... first a pup goes away with Mom (human mom) for about 2 hours and the next day, the same pup goes away with Mom for 3 to 3-1/2 hours, but Mom comes back alone in the middle of that for about 2 hours and then the pup comes back looking... and smelling...  all strange. And the NEXT day, that pup goes away. Period. Now when I reach into the puppy pen for someone, they back up. You can see them mentally shaking their heads, silently shouting "Not ME, not ME!" The only one still willing for me to pick her up is Clooney. She's already IN her new home and it is fine with her.

The big (BIG) boy... Moose... leaves in a week. He won't even let me hold him to watch tv.

Getting closer to Diamond's ultrasound. I'm much more relaxed now that there is no big decision to be made.

And that brings us to photos...

The first to be picked up

The last to be picked up (so far)

The conversation in a few new homes

Friday, August 3, 2012

A Few Updates

Delta... unexpectedly changed their rule about the amount of time needed to make a connection IN ATLANTA, extending it from 2 hours (unless you paid more money) to 4 hours period. When I called Wednesday to book Esther's trip to New York, the reservation agent said the announcement had come THAT morning via email effective immediately with no explanation or time frame. This means it will take as long for Esther to reach New York as it did Cash to get to California.

Re: poop
So the pups have been on the new and COMPLETELY different dog food for almost a week. And guess what... their poop is now pudding. It will probably take another week for their digestive tracts to adjust. Thank goodness they're all paper trained... for the most part!

Esther and Clooney pix