Monday, August 27, 2012


The last two Emy/Boon puppies have found a home. That's right, A home. They are moving together to  Connecticut. That makes 7 (SEVEN) of the 10 May pups (Emy 9, Peri 1) living in or around NYC. A number of those families have either met or are emailing and planning to set up play dates. The girls, Belle and Bailey, are leaving on Saturday, via Delta. Everyone, please, keep your fingers crossed for good weather!

More interesting stuff
Yesterday was the one year birthday of the first Emy/Boon litter. The interesting thing is, the people who have updated me about their pups ALL have dogs that are under 25 pounds. THIS year's litter are ALL close to that already! Nothing like making it even more difficult for me to predict what pups are going to weigh!
This is Finn from Ohio, from that first litter.

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