Friday, August 17, 2012

Tale of Two Motels

Bernie (aka Moose and Brown & Tan Dog) left yesterday morning with a really wonderful family from New York. They stayed Wednesday night at the Holiday Inn Express and we got to spend about an hour sitting in the lobby Thursday morning, letting the pup get used to them. When we finally parted, Bernie walked to their car with them just a few looks in my direction. He seemed more puzzled than upset. And this is a picture of him maybe an hour later.
Now, the attitude of the people at the Holiday Inn was totally different from that at the Comfort Inn. When I met people there, I was told in no uncertain terms the puppy was not allowed in the building. Period. 
The Meadowview has also allowed me and pups to sit in their lobby with families picking them up.
So guess which motels I'm going to suggest when folks are spending the night in this area.

By the way, just so you know (if you haven't already figured it out for yourselves,) these pups are pretty smart about getting their own way. This is Watson who also lives in New York. His folks hide the car keys.

Cash, who lives in California, really likes what his family calls his "mimi" or his special smells-like-Tennessee towel. His mom put it in the laundry basket because it's becoming way to easy to smell Tennessee whenever it is around. The next thing she knew, Cash had retrieved it.

Notice every one of these guys is looking right at the camera. 
Must be pups just don't want ME taking their pictures!

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