Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is This You

This photo was taken last week in New York by someone who said it was the cutest dog he had ever seen. The pup definitely looks like one of Emy and Brogue's youngens! I know who it is NOT but because I am mentally challenged when it comes to observing and remembering PEOPLE, I don't know... definitely... who it IS. (I have an idea, but I get lots of ideas!)
Swallowing even one flea leads to tapeworms. I forgot to put that on the shot records that went home with the pups. Your vet should tell you , especially since the warmer than usual winter led to a bumper flea crop this spring and early summer. Here, the extremely hot weather before July killed off much of the problem. BUT, the extremely wet and somewhat milder tempered July brought us meant the fleas are coming back in force. Just in case you don't already know, tapeworms look like rice. (Roundworms look like spaghetti and you can't see hooks or pins.) There are no over the counter wormers... that I know of... that kill tapes; you have to ask the vet for it. It is a single dose with a follow up 10-14 days later. BUT if the dog swallows another flea, you're going to see tapes again.

More Maggie/Cisco puppy pix

Dewey Schneiderman and his kids

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