Thursday, August 9, 2012

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I know it's been a while... 6 days to be exact... since I last posted. I've been busy but not with anything blog-worthy. Except for photos. I've gotten a good many from a number of people (you know who you are) and none from some others (you know who YOU are.) The updates have, for the most part, been positive as well as entertaining. You have no idea how good it makes me feel to know the pups are settling in quickly. The first couple weeks in their new homes are trying for ALL of us! And the pups still here have gotten wise to the departure procedure... first a pup goes away with Mom (human mom) for about 2 hours and the next day, the same pup goes away with Mom for 3 to 3-1/2 hours, but Mom comes back alone in the middle of that for about 2 hours and then the pup comes back looking... and smelling...  all strange. And the NEXT day, that pup goes away. Period. Now when I reach into the puppy pen for someone, they back up. You can see them mentally shaking their heads, silently shouting "Not ME, not ME!" The only one still willing for me to pick her up is Clooney. She's already IN her new home and it is fine with her.

The big (BIG) boy... Moose... leaves in a week. He won't even let me hold him to watch tv.

Getting closer to Diamond's ultrasound. I'm much more relaxed now that there is no big decision to be made.

And that brings us to photos...

The first to be picked up

The last to be picked up (so far)

The conversation in a few new homes

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