Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Other People's Pups Part 2

So! Chauncey has 9 babies born yesterday (Tuesday the 29th.) Eight are black (some with some white markings and most will probably silver) and one blond. Don't know how that one slipped in... he is definitely a surprise! The family, including the new members, are off for a vacation on the coast. Will get some pictures when they get back. In case you don't remember, my Shadow is the sire and he is, of course, proud as Punch. These are F1B Labradoodles and are available for sale.

Another so! My friend, Cathy of 4ever Doodles, has new pups and this time I'm a DOUBLE grandma. Mama is a black Labradoodle she got from me (Ravin and Shadow are Lilly's parents) and daddy is a chocolate and white F1B Labradoodle I placed with breeders in NC/VA. (Max Patch's pictures were posted here a while back.) Lilly has 12 pups... 5 black and 7 (SEVEN) parti! Everyone is delighted. Also, Cathy has a litter of F2s that is about 10 days older. Her email is bestlawn at for anyone wanting to inquire about her pups. (You KNOW how to do the email address correctly!)

Finally, in the Whoodle department, Penny in VA has two girls unspoken for... a solid black (may silver) and a black with white markings (a tuxedo.) Penny's website is

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Grandpups

Penny sent me photos of her Whoodle pups at 4 weeks of age. There are 3 still unspoken for (these two and a solid black.) You can see other pictures and get info on her website at

Owl and the Whoodles
Owl has met everybody in the house and generally is doing pretty good at getting along. His size is frightening to some of my dogs and an annoyance to others. He wants to play, BUT the younger dogs, who might be willing to do so, are all quite a bit smaller and the slightly older and bigger ones... like Bachelor the Goldendoodle and Sage the standard Poodle... are at the dominance establishing stage (which means they're not enthralled with a male elephant calf.)
And then there is Cotton, my youngest Whoodle girl. She is super active when out in the yard. Her mom, Emy, plays with her a lot. Di used to but lately has been sitting back and watching the dog races.
So Owl wandered out with them this morning and once Cotton decided he wasn't going to hurt her... deliberately, anyway... off they went. I am amazed that this galoot of a pup... Owl... wears out so quickly! A couple times up and back and he sprawled out in the sun for a breather. Cotton came up on the deck with a smirk on her face and sat between her mom and grandma, not even breathing hard.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Update on Reservation List

ONE place still open on the list and it is for a male.

Several people have asked if they send in a female specific reservation and there aren't enough to go around, will I allow them to transfer to either the next litter (Emy/Shadow - standard size Whoodles) or to the next smaller litter (Cotton/Brogue - mini to mediums, in the Spring 2010.) I will as long as everyone is clear that NO RESERVATION MONEY will be refunded if that litter doesn't work for you either.

The Guys in PA
Andrew sent me these great shots of Finn who is from Cotton and Brogue.

Andrew reports:

I've attached a few pictures of Finn--hopefully they are of reasonable
size! I hope all is well with you and life is normal again before the next
crew is on the way ;) Just wanted to send you a quick update. Finn has
been great! Of the puppies I've had, he is by far the easiest! The
housetraining process has been relatively easy; he quickly picked up on the
whole going outside thing. He is super friendly with everybody including
the other dogs in the neighborhood which he occasionally gets to play around
with. We also have some friends with a puppy ( a bit older, about 8 months
old) who Finn has also had a great time messing around with, even though the
other pup is about twice his size. It doesn't phase Finn at all. He is a
great balance between being active and playful AND laying low and hanging
out now and then. I was worried with the Terrier in him that he would be
hyperactive, but he is quite the opposite. He's also a big cuddler (as you
can see from the picture of Finn and Mike) and would rather be sitting on
your feet than tearing down the curtains. And as some of your other
families have said, he gets compliments EVERYWHERE he goes. He really is

He's been to the vet a few times and has finished most his shots. He went
from 15.5lbs when we picked him up to 18.5lbs last visit.

And just so you know, Finn has just turned 4 months.

Now compare his 18-1/2 pounds with Owl's 50 at 5 months!

I've Been Fooled Before BUT...

the reservation list is open for Di and Brogue's litter. I'm about as sure as I can be at this stage... almost 6 weeks into the pregnancy... that Diamond is "with pup."

So here's the deal... first, I accept NO money EVER until I've approved a family for a puppy AND we are in agreement on the warranty/contract. So don't just drop a check in the mail and think that's going to do it. Second, almost everybody who has already been in touch wants a female. I'd love to be able to accommodate everyone but that ain't gonna happen. It's entirely possible for all the pups to be girls... a few years back, Diamond had 6 boys out of 6 pups... but it's not likely. I am planning to keep a girl (if there's a non-blond one) and Marna has first pick of the girls. So if you are dead set on a female, do NOT ask to get on the reservation list. I will not refund your reservation fee if you want to back out because only males are available when it comes time for you to pick. Wait until the litter arrives and see if there are females available. IF you don't care which gender you get or if you prefer a male, fine. Send in a reservation.

Questions? As always, feel free to ask just about anything (preferably something that has to do with dogs.)

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Like mother and father, like daughter... Emy's hip results are back and she, like the rest of the family, got a "good." OFA called me a couple weeks ago, when they first got the x-rays, to verify her "breed." Apparently she is the first Whoodle they've done and the lady got a kick out of the name. However, the paperwork states "hybrid" under the breed heading. I'm going to check Keogh's and see if hers does the same or if she's listed as a Goldendoodle.

Puppy Watch
Russell and his family are breathlessly waiting for Chauncey to have her puppies. They're hoping they arrive before they leave for the annual month long visit to the coast... and I'd like to see them before they go as well. These pups will definitely be well traveled AND well socialized before they're even weaned!

Big Announcement Coming Up
If you're interested in Diamond and Brogue's pups and haven't yet sent me the info I requested or haven't gotten a copy of my contract, you need to get it done right away. I'm taking only 4 reservations... WHEN the list opens REAL SOON.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

All's Well...

So I got the shot yesterday afternoon. The worse part was waiting for the pharmacist to find time to work us (4 of us waiting) in between filling prescriptions. Since the availability of the shots at Walgreens is so widely touted, you'd think they'd have extra help on hand for the great influx(!) of customers.... Last night my arm was so sore I couldn't lift it over my head and I was tired and achy. BUT after taking twice more usual dosage of aspirin (two tablets rather than one) and sleeping until 9 this morning (it was raining so the dogs were hoping I'd sleep even longer,) I feel ok. Maybe all my "symptoms" were psychological... and just maybe it takes longer for the bugs to get a good start before making me sick. We'll see. Got a light week planned in any case.

The Deerhound puppy is here for a visit. Since his face is gray and black, especially around the eyes (if you look really hard,) his name is a play on the name Alistair. We went to the vet on Thursday for a well puppy check and he passed with flying colors and charmed everyone he came in contact with. He's just turning 5 months, weighs 50 pounds and stands 26 inches tall. He's as gentle as they come and very well socialized... absolutely NEVER meets a stranger. (But barking dogs offend [or maybe frighten] him. I guess Deerhounds don't bark a lot... however, he's learning fast.) My dogs, especially the small ones, were not happy to make his howdy-dos. The big ones rolled their eyes and told him where he could bunk... which is not with any of them! At the vet, I asked about an elevated food bowl since all the websites seem to indicate this is a must. (I never had them for the Borzoi or Ibizan....) She thinks they are a good idea for ALL dogs so I got a 12 inch double stand and to my surprise, ALL the dogs are eating out of it rather than the bowls on the floor. Even the little ones who have to stand on their back legs to reach in for the food. So I guess I'll pick up some more stands as they have them in stock. Here are some pictures of this sweet guy.

The space between the two poles is 5 feet and he's walking about 6-9 inches from the fence.

Sitting (sprawling) on the deck.

Headpieces... Shadow and Owlister

Size comparison... Shadow is a normal size adult standard Poodle...

And one more thing... the reason I woke up at 9 this morning is Owlister was whining. I thought he had to go outside, raining or not. BUT I couldn't find him. There's a gate in the hallway that was there to keep him in the bedroom/bath/hall (so the other dogs would shut up and not keep trying to tell on him if he wandered around a little) but he wasn't anywhere . He whined a little more and I figured out he was UNDER the bed. It's maybe 4-5-6 inches off the floor! How he got under there, I'll never know, but I had to lift the bed, frame, mattress and boxsprings, off the floor... several times... to coax him out. Tomorrow I probably won't be able to move and it won't be because of the flu!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just So You Know

I'm biting the bullet and getting a flu shot tomorrow (Friday.) Haven't had one for many years... ever since the last one made me sick for about 2 weeks. (Yeah, I've heard that story about how you can't get the flu from the flu shot...!) So, if I'm not around for a while, don't worry. I've laid in enough dogfood already and plan on hitting the grocery store tomorrow on the way back from Walgreens just in case . Y'all have a great weekend!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Frustrating Day!

I made the mistake of falling back to sleep after I let the dogs out this morning and woke up several hours later with that groggy the-world-has-moved-on-without-me feeling. I know, if I didn't need the sleep I couldn't BUY 40 winks, but...! Then, I ran into a problem... a HUGE problem (from my point of view)with the host of my website. I simply do not understand improvement when there is nothing wrong with the old model. This particular improvement makes it very time consuming for me to make any changes to my site (as well as all the others I maintain.) It took me two hours (that's 120 minutes in people years) to upload just three pictures... small, website ready pictures. This was because everytime I'd click "upload," the photo would be processed in, oh, say, 5 seconds and then the box would freeze... not the whole screen, just the box. I couldn't close it, so even if I moved to another screen, the box was still in the middle, preventing me from doing anything. And then, it would free itself up... and shut down my browser. Once I got the browser up again, I had to go back to the host site, wait for all their homepage info to upload, log in, wait for all THAT page info to appear, click on the icon I wanted, wait for it to open the next page, etc, etc, etc. There are 3 pages to fill in on the screen BEFORE I get to the page I need to start uploading the next picture. Which uploads in, oh, say 5 seconds and then freezes.... I've been thinking about moving to another host ever since these guys started messing with their site... I've used it for YEARS and the reason I chose it in the first place was it was so EASY for a bone novice (ME) to do everything. A copy of html for dummies and off I went. So, I'm going to start asking around about different hosts and putting all my stuff on disc and maybe get everything moved before my enlistment is up.

Double Doodles
A breeder in Florida asked for my help in advertising his pups and I sent him to and then had to do some work myself to get him started. He breeds Double Doodles which I'd heard of but never seen. Once I started looking into them, I was really impressed. And one of the nicest surprises were the photos sent me by someone who is using an F1B Labradoodle male she got from me in HER Double Doodle program. (His pups are GORGEOUS!)
What I found out in my research is there are TWO kinds of D-Doods, just as there are two (very different) kinds of Labradoodles. First off, a double Doodle is the cross of a Labradoodle and a Goldendoodle. Generally the American version uses just American Labradoodles, first generation and first generation backcrosses with the same generations of Goldendoodles. But the version that is called The North American Retriever uses AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLES with Goldendoodles. This is a big, gigantic, HUGE difference. Australian Labradoodles are made up from as many as 6 different breeds while American Labradoodles are the mix of a Lab and a Poodle. The NAR (North American Retriever) people bill their dogs as double doodles but I have yet to run across a Double Doodle breeder (using just American dogs) who says he's breeding NARs.
I send out big thanks to Sharon McGuire of for adding Double Doodles to her list of breeds AND for understanding and appreciating the differences in all this Poodle-hybrid confusion.

I'm getting a new puppy. Well, he's just going to be staying with me for a while, starting this coming weekend. My neighbor has just purchased a very well bred Scottish Deerhound puppy from one of the country's top breeders. (Her dog won Hound GROUP at this year's Westminster!) Mina (my neighbor) lives alone down the road from me and already has an older Lab. And she just found out this AM her doctor wants her to have gall bladder surgery. SO the Lab and the new puppy are going to stay with me for a bit. I'd already told her I'd help with show training and finding a handler for this guy. Deerhounds have long been a favorite of mine so I'm really looking forward to this.

Oh, before I forget

This is a photo of one of Penny's Whoodle pups. I'm not sure if it's Chase or Coldwater, but it's a girl and she's still available (ready to go second week of November.) Penny's website is

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Got Diamond's hair all clipped off and yes, I think she is pregnant. But no, I'm not 100% sure yet... she's only 3+ weeks... so I'm not ready to open the reservation list. She has a poochy little belly and very pink nipples. And she about tore off Emy and Cotton's heads when she got back from the groomer... a typical "I've had a rough day, leave me alone. Or else." reaction when she's pregnant and has been out of her comfort zone. Actually, she's been a little testy most of the week. But right now the 3 of them are curled up in one big pile with Brogue sleeping about a foot away. Ah, family!

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Cotton Son Checks In

Brady in New York

After having him in the family a month, Brady's mom writes
I wanted to let you know that Brady is doing beautifully. We absolutely adore him, and he has won over everyone he has met! I'll keep sending the occasional update to show you how he is doing!

LOVE hearing from my puppies' people and seeing how much they're growing, BUT I'm still on dial up and downloading large files is impossible. Stacey sent me several photos but my computer (or phone!) gave up after the first one. I know, I should really look into high speed, but the last time I checked it wasn't available out here (except through the cable company and I don't think so!) So, please, downsize.

And earlier this week, I heard from the other Cotton boy in New York:
Sherry, we took Cooper down the beach with us for the past 4 days-he didn't love the car ride; but everyone in the hotel loved him. I can't tell you how many people stopped us in the lobby, on the boardwalk, on the walking paths everywhere to tell us what a cute pup. Everyone commented on his looks and his behavior (very mellow). Car ride going home was fine.
Enjoy your labor day.

Grooming appointment

Di is going to get her hair done tomorrow so I may be able to tell if she really is getting a little belly on her. I wish they'd come up with a pregnancy test for dogs that actually works!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Other People's Puppies for Sale!

My friend, Penny, called yesterday with news that I am again a grandma. Her Calamity Jane has a new Whoodle litter of 6 or 8 (can't remember!) ALL GIRLS, sired by her chocolate (brown) standard Poodle, Jerico. Jane is a full sister to my Emy, from the same litter, and like Em, is a wonderful mother. Penny's website is if you'd like to check her out. No puppy pix (of the new kids) yet, but they'll be up in the next couple days. All the girls are black with white markings (not parti.)

AND Pen has another litter born the same day... again ALL FEMALE... of Khalas, the hairless sighthound from Central and South America. The web address for those is

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Night Visitor

All my dogs are in the house. But they're not all loose at the same time, for a number of reasons. First, they would all always be in the same room I'm in... and I have a very small bathroom. Second, the older I get, the harder it is to shove the bigger ones off the furniture AND I'm tired of tripping over the ones on the floor who barely lift their heads in acknowledgement when I stumble over their bodies. Then there's this whole dog breeding thing... I want my pups to come from the parents I have chosen for them. So, along with the food and water bowls in every room, I also have pens and a couple wire crates. Just so you know, the only crate that is in steady use and has the door closed is the one where my old toy Poodle camps out... he is slow, crotchety and fragile... not a good combination for being around big dogs.

Anyway, at night, most of the gang have room assignments and are always in x-pens with the same dog or dogs. As soon as the lights go out, you can hear a pin drop. It is amazing... even when there are puppies around, the lights are out and everyone is quiet. Which is why I've been so annoyed the last couple nights with several of my guys. In my so called dog room are my young adult Goldendoodle guy, Bachelor, a neutered adult Poodle named Sage, Sparky, my miniature Poodle, several rescue males AND Keogh, my Goldendoodle girl (Bachelor's mom.) In the middle of the night, out of the blue, Bach starts barking. The other guys take up the chorus. About the only voice I don't hear is Keogh's. After a minute or two... a loonnngg time at 4 AM... it gets quiet again. Then as soon as I've settled back down, it starts all over. Two nights in a row I've gotten out of bed, traipsed, IN THE DARK, down to the dog room and read them the riot act. Which worked one night but not the other. The first morning after, I checked Keogh to make sure she wasn't coming into season... a very exciting event for young MALE dogs... and she isn't. (She's not due for a month and a half to two months, but you know how things go around here.)

So last night, I was about ready to take the shotgun along with me when I went to shut everyone up. And I turned the lights on just to see the best shot. And decided maybe the dogs just wanted to go outside for a quick potty break. So I open the pens and everyone rushes passed me into the kitchen... which is the wrong direction for going outside. I turn around to yell at them and some of them rush back while others stay in a clump staring at the floor. Finally, I make my point and they all go outside. On the kitchen floor, however, is a blob of fur. Which turns out to be a possum, a juvenile possum, curled in a loose circle, mouth open, tongue kinda out. It's very pretty silver color (except for it's pinkish snout and hairless tail) and my first thought is "Oh, durn, they've killed the poor thing." The obvious thought, "That's what it gets for coming in a house full of dogs." doesn't occur for several minutes. So now I've got to get it picked up, in a plastic garbage bag and out of the house. But wait! Don't possum carry lice and other such critters... do I want to touch it?

No, I do not. My broom is right there so I sweep it through the kitchen and manage to get it over the thresh hold of the door to drop in the small trash can that is right outside. It is as this poor thing is airborne that I hear the slightest squeal. And realize I've seen NO blood anywhere. I quickly close... and lock... the kitchen door.

And in the morning, it's gone.

So now, before the lights go out at night, I have to shut the doors. A common practice for city people, I understand. But out here I usually only shut doors to keep the heat (or a.c.) in. And right now, our weather is glorious! But perhaps caution is in order. Maybe the wild critters know something about the coming Winter and are looking for a place to hole up. Maybe they need to keep looking!

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Girl, Rachel

She did it again! Everyone knows I'm in love with the Thoroughbred filly, Rachel Alexandra, and with good reason. She's beautiful. She's talented. And she's better than everyone else! For people who do not follow horse racing, Rachel is the 3 year old girl who trounced all the other 3 year old girls by winning the Kentucky Oaks by 20 lengths and THEN beat the top 3 year old boys in the Preakness. Those boys included Kentucky Derby Winner, Mine That Bird. Her next race was another one against the little boys, the Haskell Invitational, which she won by 6 lengths. Those boys included Summer Bird (yes, Mine That Bird's half brother) who won the Belmont. This weekend, Rachel was in the Woodward Stakes... the ONLY 3 year old (either sex) entered and she made certain ALL the older guys followed her home. Not only is she the first filly to win the Woodward, she is one of very few 3 year olds to win it. Not even the great Secretariat could do it as a 3 year old. (He finished second.) Yestersay, Rachel's people said she was obviously tired but not sore and was eating well. Most likely she is done racing for the year and the folks trying to push her into a race against the 5 year old super mare, Zenyata, are going to have to wait until next year. (Rachel has already run in more races than Zenyata has in her life time.) If Horse of the Year does not go to Rachel Alexandra, there'll be some 'splain' to do!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pookie, Canine Good Citizen

This is Dan and Pookie who have just completed the test for the Canine Good Citizen program. Pookie is 9 months old and a Shadow/Emy pup. Although any number of our dogs are working with their owners who are therapists, counselors, social workers, etc, Pookie is the first to get her official certificate (that I know of. Any more out there, let me hear from you.)

Dan hopes to take her through the therapy dog program when she is old enough.
You can find out more about the CGC certification at

Congratulations to Pookie and Dan!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Here's the Plan

Some of you have been on the website since I updated it yesterday 'cause I've already heard from you. But for those who prefer a blog summary...
Di and Brogue have done the deed (you already knew that)
I'm going ahead this Fall with Emy and Shadow.
The mini Goldendoodle litter will be in the Spring... maybe. (I'm not going to do it if I don't have firm commitments as I certainly don't need any mini G'doods myself.)

Sooo, Em is due in season in another month or so IF she follows the plan. Or she could come in any day if she chooses to be like her mom.

I should be sans pup around here for about 6 weeks. Long enough!

Shad and Chauncey
Talked with Chauncey's owners and it looks like she IS pregnant. Those pups will be born around the end of the month. They should be real sweethearts if they take after either of their parents!