Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Other People's Puppies for Sale!

My friend, Penny, called yesterday with news that I am again a grandma. Her Calamity Jane has a new Whoodle litter of 6 or 8 (can't remember!) ALL GIRLS, sired by her chocolate (brown) standard Poodle, Jerico. Jane is a full sister to my Emy, from the same litter, and like Em, is a wonderful mother. Penny's website is if you'd like to check her out. No puppy pix (of the new kids) yet, but they'll be up in the next couple days. All the girls are black with white markings (not parti.)

AND Pen has another litter born the same day... again ALL FEMALE... of Khalas, the hairless sighthound from Central and South America. The web address for those is

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