Friday, September 25, 2009

Update on Reservation List

ONE place still open on the list and it is for a male.

Several people have asked if they send in a female specific reservation and there aren't enough to go around, will I allow them to transfer to either the next litter (Emy/Shadow - standard size Whoodles) or to the next smaller litter (Cotton/Brogue - mini to mediums, in the Spring 2010.) I will as long as everyone is clear that NO RESERVATION MONEY will be refunded if that litter doesn't work for you either.

The Guys in PA
Andrew sent me these great shots of Finn who is from Cotton and Brogue.

Andrew reports:

I've attached a few pictures of Finn--hopefully they are of reasonable
size! I hope all is well with you and life is normal again before the next
crew is on the way ;) Just wanted to send you a quick update. Finn has
been great! Of the puppies I've had, he is by far the easiest! The
housetraining process has been relatively easy; he quickly picked up on the
whole going outside thing. He is super friendly with everybody including
the other dogs in the neighborhood which he occasionally gets to play around
with. We also have some friends with a puppy ( a bit older, about 8 months
old) who Finn has also had a great time messing around with, even though the
other pup is about twice his size. It doesn't phase Finn at all. He is a
great balance between being active and playful AND laying low and hanging
out now and then. I was worried with the Terrier in him that he would be
hyperactive, but he is quite the opposite. He's also a big cuddler (as you
can see from the picture of Finn and Mike) and would rather be sitting on
your feet than tearing down the curtains. And as some of your other
families have said, he gets compliments EVERYWHERE he goes. He really is

He's been to the vet a few times and has finished most his shots. He went
from 15.5lbs when we picked him up to 18.5lbs last visit.

And just so you know, Finn has just turned 4 months.

Now compare his 18-1/2 pounds with Owl's 50 at 5 months!

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