Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Other People's Pups Part 2

So! Chauncey has 9 babies born yesterday (Tuesday the 29th.) Eight are black (some with some white markings and most will probably silver) and one blond. Don't know how that one slipped in... he is definitely a surprise! The family, including the new members, are off for a vacation on the coast. Will get some pictures when they get back. In case you don't remember, my Shadow is the sire and he is, of course, proud as Punch. These are F1B Labradoodles and are available for sale.

Another so! My friend, Cathy of 4ever Doodles, has new pups and this time I'm a DOUBLE grandma. Mama is a black Labradoodle she got from me (Ravin and Shadow are Lilly's parents) and daddy is a chocolate and white F1B Labradoodle I placed with breeders in NC/VA. (Max Patch's pictures were posted here a while back.) Lilly has 12 pups... 5 black and 7 (SEVEN) parti! Everyone is delighted. Also, Cathy has a litter of F2s that is about 10 days older. Her email is bestlawn at for anyone wanting to inquire about her pups. (You KNOW how to do the email address correctly!)

Finally, in the Whoodle department, Penny in VA has two girls unspoken for... a solid black (may silver) and a black with white markings (a tuxedo.) Penny's website is

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