Saturday, September 19, 2009

All's Well...

So I got the shot yesterday afternoon. The worse part was waiting for the pharmacist to find time to work us (4 of us waiting) in between filling prescriptions. Since the availability of the shots at Walgreens is so widely touted, you'd think they'd have extra help on hand for the great influx(!) of customers.... Last night my arm was so sore I couldn't lift it over my head and I was tired and achy. BUT after taking twice more usual dosage of aspirin (two tablets rather than one) and sleeping until 9 this morning (it was raining so the dogs were hoping I'd sleep even longer,) I feel ok. Maybe all my "symptoms" were psychological... and just maybe it takes longer for the bugs to get a good start before making me sick. We'll see. Got a light week planned in any case.

The Deerhound puppy is here for a visit. Since his face is gray and black, especially around the eyes (if you look really hard,) his name is a play on the name Alistair. We went to the vet on Thursday for a well puppy check and he passed with flying colors and charmed everyone he came in contact with. He's just turning 5 months, weighs 50 pounds and stands 26 inches tall. He's as gentle as they come and very well socialized... absolutely NEVER meets a stranger. (But barking dogs offend [or maybe frighten] him. I guess Deerhounds don't bark a lot... however, he's learning fast.) My dogs, especially the small ones, were not happy to make his howdy-dos. The big ones rolled their eyes and told him where he could bunk... which is not with any of them! At the vet, I asked about an elevated food bowl since all the websites seem to indicate this is a must. (I never had them for the Borzoi or Ibizan....) She thinks they are a good idea for ALL dogs so I got a 12 inch double stand and to my surprise, ALL the dogs are eating out of it rather than the bowls on the floor. Even the little ones who have to stand on their back legs to reach in for the food. So I guess I'll pick up some more stands as they have them in stock. Here are some pictures of this sweet guy.

The space between the two poles is 5 feet and he's walking about 6-9 inches from the fence.

Sitting (sprawling) on the deck.

Headpieces... Shadow and Owlister

Size comparison... Shadow is a normal size adult standard Poodle...

And one more thing... the reason I woke up at 9 this morning is Owlister was whining. I thought he had to go outside, raining or not. BUT I couldn't find him. There's a gate in the hallway that was there to keep him in the bedroom/bath/hall (so the other dogs would shut up and not keep trying to tell on him if he wandered around a little) but he wasn't anywhere . He whined a little more and I figured out he was UNDER the bed. It's maybe 4-5-6 inches off the floor! How he got under there, I'll never know, but I had to lift the bed, frame, mattress and boxsprings, off the floor... several times... to coax him out. Tomorrow I probably won't be able to move and it won't be because of the flu!

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