Friday, September 11, 2009

A Cotton Son Checks In

Brady in New York

After having him in the family a month, Brady's mom writes
I wanted to let you know that Brady is doing beautifully. We absolutely adore him, and he has won over everyone he has met! I'll keep sending the occasional update to show you how he is doing!

LOVE hearing from my puppies' people and seeing how much they're growing, BUT I'm still on dial up and downloading large files is impossible. Stacey sent me several photos but my computer (or phone!) gave up after the first one. I know, I should really look into high speed, but the last time I checked it wasn't available out here (except through the cable company and I don't think so!) So, please, downsize.

And earlier this week, I heard from the other Cotton boy in New York:
Sherry, we took Cooper down the beach with us for the past 4 days-he didn't love the car ride; but everyone in the hotel loved him. I can't tell you how many people stopped us in the lobby, on the boardwalk, on the walking paths everywhere to tell us what a cute pup. Everyone commented on his looks and his behavior (very mellow). Car ride going home was fine.
Enjoy your labor day.

Grooming appointment

Di is going to get her hair done tomorrow so I may be able to tell if she really is getting a little belly on her. I wish they'd come up with a pregnancy test for dogs that actually works!

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