Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Grandpups

Penny sent me photos of her Whoodle pups at 4 weeks of age. There are 3 still unspoken for (these two and a solid black.) You can see other pictures and get info on her website at

Owl and the Whoodles
Owl has met everybody in the house and generally is doing pretty good at getting along. His size is frightening to some of my dogs and an annoyance to others. He wants to play, BUT the younger dogs, who might be willing to do so, are all quite a bit smaller and the slightly older and bigger ones... like Bachelor the Goldendoodle and Sage the standard Poodle... are at the dominance establishing stage (which means they're not enthralled with a male elephant calf.)
And then there is Cotton, my youngest Whoodle girl. She is super active when out in the yard. Her mom, Emy, plays with her a lot. Di used to but lately has been sitting back and watching the dog races.
So Owl wandered out with them this morning and once Cotton decided he wasn't going to hurt her... deliberately, anyway... off they went. I am amazed that this galoot of a pup... Owl... wears out so quickly! A couple times up and back and he sprawled out in the sun for a breather. Cotton came up on the deck with a smirk on her face and sat between her mom and grandma, not even breathing hard.

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