Thursday, September 24, 2009


Like mother and father, like daughter... Emy's hip results are back and she, like the rest of the family, got a "good." OFA called me a couple weeks ago, when they first got the x-rays, to verify her "breed." Apparently she is the first Whoodle they've done and the lady got a kick out of the name. However, the paperwork states "hybrid" under the breed heading. I'm going to check Keogh's and see if hers does the same or if she's listed as a Goldendoodle.

Puppy Watch
Russell and his family are breathlessly waiting for Chauncey to have her puppies. They're hoping they arrive before they leave for the annual month long visit to the coast... and I'd like to see them before they go as well. These pups will definitely be well traveled AND well socialized before they're even weaned!

Big Announcement Coming Up
If you're interested in Diamond and Brogue's pups and haven't yet sent me the info I requested or haven't gotten a copy of my contract, you need to get it done right away. I'm taking only 4 reservations... WHEN the list opens REAL SOON.

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