Saturday, May 7, 2011

Derby Day

The first Saturday in May is one of my favorite days every year. This year, I've used the internet to follow all the contenders in the earlier prep races. Early on, like everyone else in the world, I liked Uncle MO but he's out and there is no clear TOP horse or even horses, so I've had try to figure out something else... which is what most of the Thoroughbred world is doing today. I've decided (this is MENTAL, not an EMOTIONAL decision which is unusual for me... and may be changed before post time!) to go with jockeys. Calvin Borel is up on Twice the Appeal who is not a terrific horse. BUT Calvin IS a terrific jockey. He's won three of the last four Derbys including the last two; a win today will make him the first ever 3 in a row winner. (There is a rumor going 'round that if Calvin pulls it off today, the Derby os going to be renamed The Borel Invitational.) Then there is Rosie Napravnik, only the 4th or 5th female jockey to ever ride in the Derby. She is a top rated jock AND is on a good horse, Pants on Fire. She came in second by a short nose on St John's River in yesterday's Oaks. Emotionally, I'm really interested in Soldat who could just be the right horse at the right time and take all 3 Triple Crown races and Derby Kitten who is described as an "exotic" and I have no idea what that means! Then there are the other 15 horses, most of whom have something to recommend them. I'm torn between about 5 others but you only get 4 spots so I'll stick with the 4 I've named. We'll see in about 5-1/2 hours.

Three days old

The little guy is still hanging in but I am almost positive it is sheer will power. I am feeding him, not that Ke won't, but he just doesn't seem to have the energy to suck. She is taking care of him but doesn't keep him close to her. When a dog lets a pup go off by itself (which is unusual for puppies in the first place) it almost always... 99.9% of the time... means there is something fatally wrong and Mom knows it. Cannot tell you how many times I've put hours and hours into feeding pups and keeping them warm, only to have them give up the ghost anyway. Still, you try. To be honest, I am always surprised he is still alive when I pick him up to feed him.

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