Monday, May 23, 2011

These Amazing Puppies

At the rate these guys are maturing, they'll be ready for obedience training in about a month! Yesterday, they all figured out how to get out of the pool. Not only that, they taught themselves to get back IN! There is usually a matter of several days or longer before pups get THAT concept down pat. And THEN they decided it didn't matter if they got back in, they were still safe outside the nest. Sometimes they wandered around the pen (which is half the size of the room... 15' by 8') until they found their mom and sometimes they just lay down and went to sleep where ever... together or singly! I am SOOO impressed with all four. It's almost scary how advanced they are!

Preakness bummer

I had first and second place in the Preakness BUT they finished in the wrong order for Animal Kingdom to try for the Triple Crown. The mile and three sixteenths is definitely Shakleford's length... AK needed another couple steps to pass him. I doubt either of them will run in the Belmont; Shak because it is too long and AK because his trainer and owner(s) aren't keen on running 3 races in 5 weeks. He probably wouldn't have been entered in the Preakness if he hadn't won the Derby. Actually, that group of people... AK's connections... are MY type! No drugs, no tricks, run the horses when it's right for them and have fun. Wish I could afford to buy in!

Another Storm

And for the first time in a long while, my power was off for an extended period... all of last night's prime time so I missed the Celebrity Apprentice finale. (I'm assuming John Rich won because that was the only choice....) My power came on after about 5 hours... the lights/tv coming on woke me up... and then went off again. Don't know when or for how long, I just saw that the clock was screwed up again this morning. My son, who lives about 3 miles from me, is STILL without power and the tree blocking the road about 30 feet beyond his drive is still untouched. That is a fairly busy road and there were no warnings up, no police presence, no nothing so all night there were squealing brakes. He called the police several times and was told they were busy.... More severe storms forecast for later today. Of course. It's Dancing with Stars tonight AND the finale (season AND series) of The Event!

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