Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First Big (Serious) Scare

Another first to report... this one goes to Bart, the parti guy. He ended up front end first hanging over the edge of his mom's water bowl which was FULL. She doesn't have a little one quart bowl... or she didn't last night... but a big one gallon piece of crockery. I bought 6 of them for about $3-4 each maybe 8 years ago and still have 4. I LOVE them in the areas where there are a number of dogs congregating on a regular basis. There is one in Keogh's pen because she is soaking up the water like the Gobi AND because two weeks old pups seldom have it together enough to walk steadily, much less climb. Needless to say, after rescuing a sopping wet puppy, I emptied the bowl and put it up for about 2 months. Breeders learn about hazards like deep water bowls, electric cords, mama dogs wearing collars, etc. the hard way. Most don't need to experience a lesson like that more than once. Bart sulked... another first!... until he dried off. His mom sniffed him, gave him a lick and left him to his pouting.

And yet another day of storms!

This is really getting old! First the extremely sucky winter (which was following the hottest summer since the EARLY 20th century) and now one severe storm after another. This area is just not used to severe weather of any sort. And what really, REALLY ticks me off is the advantage one of the local tv weatherman is taking for on air time every time a dark cloud passes overhead. I understand these weather reports normally don't get a lot of exposure, but this guy is overdoing it. He started a "weather UPDATE" at 4 PM this afternoon and now, at 4:47, he is still going strong, repeating the exact same info over and over and over. Like we're stupid or something. I checked the other two stations and they're showing regular programming with little message scrolls. And that's another thing. The channel the gung-ho guy is on uses the entire bottom third of the screen for a radar map and text explaining what the map is showing PLUS the top fourth of the screen to run a scroll with the same information.
Needless to say, when the weather is bad (actually, right now, I've got lots and lots of sunshine which Boon, Peri and Jennifer's Buddy are outside enjoying) I try to watch some other station.

And one more thing... isn't it amazing how smart we, the viewers, get during commercials? NONE of the different stations run the scrolls or other types of warning during commercials. Apparently, we only need to know about these thing during regular programming.

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