Sunday, May 30, 2010

And Then There was One

The last available male pup has been spoken for.

Which leaves just one female.

And here's the deal, folks... there is one I've fallen in love with and if someone doesn't come to her rescue SOON, I'll make up my mind to keep her! With Emy and her daughter, Cotton, there was one female available in each litter and I didn't care which of the girls I "got stuck" with because they were all terrific. And THESE 3 girls are all terrific as well. It's just that one of them speaks to me.

The Final Frontier
The pups have made what is probably the last major discovery of their lives... newspaper! No, I don't mean for potty breaks. They've discovered that newspaper is light, easy to move and makes wonderful noises as it is crumbled up and shredded. Yep, ONE picked up a sheet by the edge yesterday and shook his head. He was absolutely delighted that the paper shook as well... and the sound attracted a couple other pups. And that was all she wrote! Newspaper is now fair game!

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