Sunday, May 16, 2010

Updates - Pups and Preakness

Okay, this is Lolly, the medium size one of the 3 girls. On the website I put that she doesn't have white on her face. Well, this morning, I checked her in the sunlight and I was wrong about that (imagine that!) She is pale blond, like the others, BUT there is the faintest amount of white on her face, just like the photo shows. The picture makes her blond look darker which makes the white more prominent than it actually is BUT as the hair gets longer, the white will probably be more visible to the casual looker. Unless, of course, her blond LIGHTENS up more.... ANYway, that's Lolly!

No Triple Crown Again This Year

I'm beginning to wonder if we'll ever get another one! In case you didn't see the race, Super Saver finished 8th, the same spot he started from. His jockey said he just didn't have the energy to hang in there although he ran in second for most of the way. Looking at Lucky, with a new, very young jockey up, finally won. Here's something interesting... just before the race started I wrote down the names of my 1-4 winners in order (you can only bet on 1-3 but the 4th place horse does win money.) My order started with Super Saver... not because I think he's a super colt but because of wishful thinking... followed, in order, by First Dude, Paddy O'Prado and something-or-other-Twist. I didn't have Lucky in there at all. Paddy I thought would do well after the way he ran the Derby (he finished 5th yesterday;) I've liked First Dude because of his name (I thought he was named after Bill Clinton but it turns out his dam is Run Sarah Run...) and the Twist horse I chose because of Jack Twist from Brokeback. Forget about Paddy O'Prado... Nick Zito (remember him?)'s horse, Jackson Bend, came in third. BUT second place went to Dude and fourth to Twist! Guess I should stick to picking long shots! One other thing... Lucky's jockey, Kent Desormeaux, was taken off him after the Derby and accepted a ride on Dublin (who also ran in the Derby and was running in the Preakness.) Lucky for Dublin and Desormeaux, they were in gate 12, the last one. At the break, Dublin veered sharply right (instead of bearing left toward the rail and the rest of the field.) It was really weird. But his jock got him back under control and although he was dead last for most of the race, he finished 5th or 6th.

So the Belmont is in 3 weeks and it's the last of the Triple Crown races. It's a little longer than the Derby and should be pretty interesting... look for Ice Box, running fresh after 5 weeks off. And that's as far as I'm going with this!

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