Thursday, April 8, 2010


Yep, had both Emy and Cotton to the groomer yesterday and there's no way around it... Emy is pregnant. I was going to take photos today... even though they don't look all that great totally bald... but it is raining. The first rain we've had in a long time so it's hard to be upset... we're down about 4 inches already for the year. However, the sun is supposed to be back tomorrow and I'll get pictures then. Right now, Diamond, Emy and Cotton are all curled together in a tight little ball... I made them go outside in the rain and they got wet, so they need each other for comfort during this trying period of time. Keogh is with them... she's just not part of the "ball" and isn't curled up. Brogue IS curled up a few feet away... he is never snuggled against another dog unless she's in heat.

Ost was outside too... of course, he doesn't mind the rain as he's still a very young puppy. Five months is NOTHING! I forgot what a heavy coat he has until he came inside DRIPPING. I could have wrung him out! He's now plastered against Ravin's side, both of them sound asleep. Supposed to have thunderstorms this afternoon. Several of the dogs... especially Ravin... don't like them. The rest don't even notice.

At least I got my fences moved Monday and Tuesday. All the time I've lived here, I've never had a problem with barking dogs. Then last year, the field across from me was sold and people put in a nice little house and a few other buildings... on the far side of the property. BUT then then cleared the trees and brush along their fence line and put a big garden in. Right where my dogs can see everything they do. And bark about it. They're not used to other people being around and everyone is a threat, so it gets pretty obnoxious whenever there is weeding or whatever going on. I moved my fences back about 40 feet... and the dogs will STILL be able to see the garden since we're uphill. Guess I'm going to have to put up some kind of privacy fencing. Yuck!

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