Friday, April 23, 2010

Emy's Reservation List Closed

If I am not already working with you for a spot on the reservation list for the due-any-minute litter from Emy and Sparky, you're too late. Although it's a little early, she's been panting and clingy all day... two signs she's in the early stages of labor. I expect we're going to have puppies pretty soon... if not tonight, certainly during the severe thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow!

Cotton update
Cotton is just entering the 2nd tri-weeks (don't know what the "week" version is for "months") and has a few signs pointing to a pregnancy BUT it is still way too early to tell. She's not put on weight (which is normal) and doesn't have any bulges (also normal for this time of the cycle.) She's galloping around the yard as usual, except her mama (Emy) isn't out there playing chase with her, so the running usually stops pretty quick. Another few weeks and I should have a MUCH better idea what's going on. Hang in there!

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