Saturday, April 24, 2010

Predicting Pups' Arrival 101

Subtitle: Give Me a Break!
For those of you who have checked the blog or website 10 times already today...
no news is not good news.
It's not BAD news, it's just no news.
Even though Ms Emy woke me up several times last night nesting, she is still packing all of the babies inside.
Nesting, for those who don't know, is digging and rooting in the bedding. Since it is a sign of approaching labor, I want to be aware of it, so I always use a thick layer of newspapers. They rustle when the dog starts digging in them and, wah-LAH, I'm awake. For what good it did me last night. And, of course, all day today she's been sacked out.
And the severe thunderstorms haven't reached us yet either... guess that will be
Predicting Thunderstorms 101!

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