Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Different Two-fer

How about two litters?

Emy and Boon took it upon themselves to canoodle. I knew nothing about it. In fact, for the last week or so I've been looking at a very plump Emy, wondering if she had a tumor! My vet is probably still chuckling about the dogs putting one over on me. As I explained to her, all 3 girls were in season at the end of February to mid March. They all cycle within 3 weeks of each other. No one has been back in season... the girls are ALWAYS separated from the boys (I don't like surprises!) and the guys are very quick to tell me when someone is about to come in heat. Now I admit I was under the weather for most of May and June but the way the boys act, I would not have missed a heat cycle... but there is no other explanation. There were a few times I let Boon out with the girls. After all, Peri (my Di/Brogue puppy) lives with them and she and Boon are pals and it is nice for them to get together and play like puppies. Obviously, Boon was playing... with someone else... like an adult dog. Emy is now safely settled in in the whelping pen in my bedroom where she has spent the last couple days sleeping.

And Cotton is this close to being in season. She's 2-3 weeks early, but that's fine. Boon, to his great delight, gets to be daddy again. These pups will arrive mid to late October. The reservation list is open for this litter.

I'll let everyone know what I know when I know it.

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