Monday, August 22, 2011

No, We're Not There Yet

Emy has apparently decided she prefers her pups well done at birth. She still has them corralled inside. Yesterday and last night, she was paying attention... last night, a LOT of attention... to her bottom and I tried to stay up late so I was in on everything from the start. But I fell asleep some time after midnight. And she did too. She is (and HAS BEEN) what I call "pointed." She looks like she swallowed a football sideways so there is a definite "point" sticking out just behind her ribs on each side. That usually means the pups are rearranging themselves the better to be born. I don't take temperatures... it never works for me although I have a number of breeder friends who swear by it. I don't need a drop in temperature to tell me the dog is going to have pups in the next 48 hours or so. Other signs, like not eating, are a better indication. And she's still eating. She'll have them when SHE is ready. But, just to be on the safe side, I have nothing... absolutely NOTHING... scheduled this week that will take me away from home for more than an hour. Besides, it's race week and traffic is terrible.

Another "rehome" has found a home
This guy is a purebred miniature Poodle that I bred. His dad is Sparky and his mom, Diamond. He is a parti from an entire litter of parti MALES. I even still had his original papers. A friend of mine who raises Bichon asked about him a couple weeks ago and I said "Come get him!" He'll be in the house, like here, AND will have a couple girl friends, NOT like here! I would have used him because he is both well bred AND gorgeous, but all the girls I have are either his maternal or paternal half sisters.

So... only about a dozen rescues to go...!

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