Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Something Terrible Happened

Bart, the parti Double Doodle guy, left Sunday afternoon for his new home in Virginia. But before he did, I took him, as I do ALL the pups, to the groomer for an invigorating and thoroughly cleansing hydra-surge bath at the groomers. Unfortunately for Bart... as well as me and his new mom... I also took a rescue girl in for a clipping. Image my HORROR when I picked them up and BOTH had been clipped down to the skin! No more fluffy puppy! I never ever CLIP anything under 6 months. The young lady who logged them in and brought the finished product back to me hours later could not understand why I was ... shall we say, unhappy. She told me they wouldn't charge me the additional fee for the clip since I didn't like it.... Luckily, Jane wasn't upset when she met him for the first time and had to take home a bare naked puppy.

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