Monday, August 29, 2011

3 Days Old - More Pix

A shot of the whole litter and I think it shows the red highlights on the two blacks with white.

The two blond (wheaten pups,) the female on the left. I was hoping this would show the slight difference in their shades... he's a little darker than she is.

Two pups unspoken for
and 5-6 inquiries every day. The first question, just about every time: WHICH pups are available? (Ok, that's the second question; the first is "how much?") I really don't want to push anyone into picking too early, but since the blonds are sort of the odd men out (odd man and woman out,) if you'll just let me know whether you're more interested in them than in the others of the same sex, it will help me out.

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