Friday, August 12, 2011

A Two-fer

Speaking of Jennifer's pups...
remember I placed the blond one with a super lady and her older Golden Retriever in Virginia and the puppy... Jackson... absolutely REFUSED to settle in. He was there for over 3 months and was skulking around the house on the last day the exact same way he did the first. He wanted nothing to do with the lady and completely ignored the Golden. For THREE MONTHS! Well, he wasn't back here 3 MINUTES before he was his normal bouncy, happy self! When he came in the house, he ran from room to room greating each and every dog like he had just gone for a day at the groomer. Within an hour he was outside playing chase with his brother and Boon, the pups he grew up with. (I had intended to reintroduce them to each other gradually over a couple days... they ARE over 9 months and intact males just coming to breeding... and fighting... age. But there hasn't been even a raised eyebrow by any one of them.) As far as how Jackson reacts to me, he wags his tail at me and even comes, on his own, close enough for me to touch. So far, he's not enamored enough to jump up on the couch next to me to watch tv!

Then there is Lucky, the brother. He is several inches taller and about 10 pounds heavier and a gorgeous black/tan/silver. He, like all of those pups, is on the shy side, but very sweet natured and really interested in people. Given the opportunity to ASK for attention himself (rather than having someone chase him around,) he LOVES being petted.

Both these boys are real "easy keepers." That is, they are healthy, NOT picky eaters or excessive barkers, they don't dig (so far) or climb and are pretty good in the house. Obviously, with their "look and don't touch... unless I say so" attitude, they don't require an over abundance of attention from a human.

Here's the deal...
for Jackson's sake, they need a home together. Jack is REALLY bonded to and reliant on Lucky. I do not have room to keep these guys permanently and am hoping I can find them a place where they will both be welcome and cared for. Even together, it will take them more than a little while to settle in... probably several months before they are totally comfortable. Someone with lots of REAL dog experience (and more than the usual amount of patience) is required. A securely fenced yard is a MUST. No children in the home (or visiting regularly) is another requirement. (The fewer people they have to adjust to, the better.) Other animals, ie: dogs, is neither a plus nor a minus. And finally, their new place has to be close enough that their adopter can drive them back to me if they do not work out.

So pass the word! Two really nice pups with "special needs" are available to JUST the right person. And the price is right!

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