Friday, January 14, 2011

Don't Panic

Since I haven't been able to get off my hill since a week ago Thursday... haven't even tried... and because today I started the rounds of vet and grooming appointments (plus I'm out of everything except dog food,) I left to do some running around... post office, grocery store, etc... a couple hours before I would have to leave with the first two pups going to the vet.

And could NOT get back up the hill. Well, I got as far as my driveway and maybe 10 feet up it before I came to a halt and started sliding backwards. It was NOT a pleasant sensation! I'm really bad at backing up, especially when I'm still in "drive" and didn't want to put the car in a ditch. I stopped before THAT happened, finagled around a little and SLOWLY backed down to an area that was not snow (ice) covered. Two tries later, I knew I was done.

I pulled into a neighbor's drive, asked permission to leave the car there (although no one ever asks ME if they can leave a car at the bottom of MY drive!) and called my son for help. He came over, made it up my drive on the second try, we put the two pups in his car and went to the vet. (It is cold enough I wasn't worried about meat and milk staying in the trunk for several hours!)

Pups did fine at the vet, even though they both got carsick (and one threw up IN my purse... I've been thinking about a new one anyway.) Di's puppy weighed in at 11.14 pounds (the largest in his litter) and Cotton's at 12.8 pounds (middle of the road guy, but they're all really close in size.)

No salt is available in this area, but my son managed to get my car to the top of my drive once we got back home. Tomorrow, I'll put the pups in the car, take them to the groomer, do all my running around (several hours worth, including a trip back to the vet with a couple of my dogs) and hope the temp is warm enough to melt much of the ice so I can get back up. And if it isn't, I have my kid on speed dial!

Alright, I just sent out the "general health issues" email which I hope everyone will read.

The pups tested positive for coccidia. It is a natural part of the digestive system which is shed during times of stress... rehoming, post surgery, during boarding... and often causes loose, sometimes bloody stool. It is EASILY and CHEAPLY treated with Albon, a thick, sweet tasting sulfa suspension which pups (and dogs) LOVE the taste of. None of these guys has loose stool but they ARE transitioning to adult dog food... and living within such a large group has to be stressful. So we're starting with the Albon tonight. It's a once a day treatment, for a week to 10 days. Usually, after a couple days, you no longer see the coccidia on the fecal exam... so we'll see how it looks with Monday's puppies!

One thing, I can't send Albon home with the pups that are flying... the airline really doesn't like meds taped to the top of the crate. However, you should mention it to your vet when you take your puppy in for his initial exam and possibly put it on another week of treatment. Feel free to have YOUR vet call MY vet, if you like.

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