Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Been feeling poorly since Monday afternoon and still not 100 percent, but figured I'd better get on the computer and answer emails. Most of the pups are doing quite well in their new homes... actually, I'm amazed at how easily they are settling in. Maybe having so many at one time was a blessing... they're absolutely GRATEFUL to have people all to themselves! A couple have been put back on Albon... and a few more will probably be soon... but all in all, everything is going great.

New Winter Storm
Of course. I have a few other pups to get out and it looks like we're going to be snowed in again. We're expecting 2-4 inches of heavy WET snow this afternoon and evening (although it is still just rain.) Emergency power help has already been brought into the area from places with a better weather pattern in the hopes of getting everyone back on line rapidly. (Here in the South, that means before Spring.)

New Picture
This is Cotton's little girl, Phoebe

who moved to Virginia to live with Keedo, the Shiloh Shepherd, and his people. She's obviously not upset about it.

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